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Mistress Cassandra was bored at home. She remembered her next door neighbor has a crush on her so she took advantage of it to have fun at his expense. She called him and as they chatted, she pretended to have a foot fetish and that she would be turned on by him licking her feet, her socks and her sneakers. The guy did it all hoping to turn her on but she did not get turned on. She just had fun watching him do what she wanted.

Mistress Felicia had new sneakers. She loved them and she wore them everywhere she went. But she noticed that they had started to smell and she did not like that. She called her slave and she made him clean them so that they did not smell. She had him lick and smell the sneakers as well as her sweaty and smelly socks and told him to come up with a way to make sure they did not smell.

Mistress Jessika loves her high heels and she wanted to use them to humiliate her slave. They were new and she had never used them to punish him. She had been waiting for him to mess up and he did mess up that day. So she humiliated him cruelly and forced him to lick them. Once he was done licking them, she made him smell them as well. She was trying to avoid trampling him.

Mistress Liberty was at liberty to humiliate her slave and she knew it. But she took it easy the way she normally does. She does not do it greedily. She waits for the appropriate time before she pounces. She told her slave what she wanted to do to him so that he had a picture of it all in his mind. Then she made him do it exactly as she had told him.

Mistress Presley has a foot fetish and she likes to use it to humiliate her slave and have fun at his expense. She came home with her feet dirty and her socks smelling and dirty too. She used them to humiliate this guy and make him lick and smell them. She did not give him an option. It was mandatory and he did it the way she instructed him to.

Mistress Chelsea knew this guy had a thing for her. So she took advantage of it to have fun. She called him to her house and he came running. When he reached, the mistress lied to him how he had a foot fetish and loved it when her feet were licked and rubbed. She lied to him that it turned her on and the guy licked and rubbed her feet till he was tired before realizing she was making fun of her.

Mistress Cassandra has always had a foot fetish and she enjoys using it to humiliate and torture guys. Today she was bored and in an effort to look for something interesting to do, she called a loser she saw passing near her house and she made him lick her feet, her socks as well as her sneakers. The sneakers were dirty but he had no option but to lick them clean.

Mistress Wiktoria likes to do things her own way. Today she felt like humiliating her slave using her bare feet and that is what she did. She walked in her high heels and after a little while, she felt a strain on her feet and she made him rub her feet the way she wanted. However, deep down she knew she was looking for an excuse to have a foot rub.

Mistress Amanda was relaxing at home thinking about what to do to her slave. He had not done anything wrong so she did not want to approach it as a punishment. She decided to make it look like she was having fun with him but in essence, she was having fun at his expense. She made him lick her feet and massage them and pretended to be turned on by it.

Mistress Alicja had some fun at the beach. When she was done, her feet were full of sand and she needed her feet cleaned. So she left the beach and sunbathed away from the beach. But she did not want to go home before her feet were thoroughly cleaned. And she was not the one to do it. She found a loser nearby and made him do it for her.

Mistress Jessika's boyfriend was out of town. They missed each other a lot and she wanted to do something for him. He loved how kinky and adventurous she was and she decided to try shoe fetish for him. She called him on video and gave him instructions on what she wanted him to do. The way she bossed him, described what she wanted coupled with the fact that they had not seen each other in a while and he was horny, it was a massive turn on and he jerked off for her.

Mistresses Paulina and Agata were checking out stuff on the internet when they came across foot fetish. They loved what they saw and did some more research. They loved it even more and decided to try it. It was a bit hard at first since they had to rely on their imagination as they had no slave. They pictured and imagined how lovely it would be if a slave licked and massaged their feet. They now planned to get a slave.

Lady Sue likes to play with her feet. She likes to use them to humiliate and have fun at the expense of other guys. She likes to make her feet dirty and making someone lick them or making them sweaty and having someone be her sweat remover. She is an adventurous mistress and always has a lot of fun. But the same cannot be said of the people she does these things to.

Mistress Dorothy likes to try things and today she wanted to try foot fetish. She wanted to find out if she could make a horny guy lick and smell her feet thinking it was a way to make her horny. She looked for a loser and she found one. She made the guy lick her feet and do all the things she wanted. But she became stern faced when he tried to venture further than her feet.

Lady Adrianna wanted to try something on her boyfriend. She had read about foot fetish and she wanted to try it. She knew her boyfriend always responded well to her teasing and flirting. So she teased and flirted with him till she knew he was horny and hooked. She then made him think that it was kinky to lick and smell her feet. To her surprise, he agreed. It was awesome.

Mistress Amanda has a foot fetish. She loves to get her feet pampered and she always likes it done by a slave. That is because she can have it done as long as she wants, however she wants and best of all, she can have it done for free. She can have her toes sucked and her feet massaged until she says enough. It also helps that she is very beautiful.

Marie wanted to make sure that her new slave knew his position in that household. He had started to grow horns and was getting to big for his size. She had to cut him down to size. She wanted to start small before bringing out the big guns if the situation called for that. She made him lick, smell and suck her dirty and stinky toes and that was enough.

Rosalie is as hot as they come. She knew that her neighbor had a crush on her and she was sorry for him. She wanted to give him some attention but at the same time she wanted to have fun at his expense. So she called him and after chatting and leading him on for a while, she made him lick her socks and chew them and even smell them despite them being stinky.

Mistresses Candy and Clarissa wanted to have fun. They did everything but they soon ran out of things to do. They decided to come up with things to do from the top of their heads. After trying and dismissing them several times, they settled on having losers lick their dirty and sweaty feet. They called a few they knew from school and made them lick and smell their dirty feet.

Angelica likes to wear boots. But sometimes her feet sweat while she is wearing them and she has to clean up. She hates doing that and that is why she likes to take advantage of losers. She knows they are losers and cannot score with hot girls like her so she makes them lick her feet clean and smell and lick her shoes because she is doing them a favor by giving them her attention.

Anna is a stunning and sweet looking 18 year old bombshell with the most supple feet you have ever seen. She sits on a bench outdoors and models her feet and legs for you. She wants you to put your fingers and your tongue between her pink toes and run your tongue up and down her perfect pink soles. This gorgeous teen is so tasty sitting in the son letting you worship her feet.

Camille and Maika are cruel girls who like to have fun at other people's expense. They took this loser guy from school and made him lick their dirty soles

Her feet were stinky and smelly. And she did not want to touch them. Luckily, her slave was near so she made him clean them

Victoria did not care that it was in a public restaurant. She wanted her loser of a boyfriend to lick her sweaty feet or it would be worse when they get home

Cassandra has been shopping all day and her feet are killing her because they are sore and sweaty from walking around everywhere. She wants you to worship her feet and lick her high heels before taking them off and sucking all the sweat off of her feet through her stockings. She is such a tease as she wiggles her cute little toes around in her smelly nylons to make you horny.

Katelyn put on some special sexy winter lingerie so she can tease you with her body while she holds her feet right up in your face. Her bare feet look so soft and supple as she scrunches them up and wiggles her toes in your face. She knows that you jerk off thinking about sticking your tongue between her toes and she likes that because it shows her dominance over you.

Svenja has come to tease you with her sexy high heels and her long creamy legs in nylons. She looks so beautiful in her cream colored stockings as she looks you in the eye. She wants you to smell her foot to see what it smells like after walking around all day. They look extra soft in her nylons and she loves when you worship her awesome legs and feet.

Cute blonde Amy is a dream come true for foot worshippers because she has soft and beautiful feet and she loves to show them off and tease you with them. She looks so sensual in her short black skirt and long legs as she stretches her toes and puts her sexy feet in your face. She puts her bare feet in every position so you can see how hot they are at every angle.

Goddess Victoria is busy figuring out her bills and she chooses you to be the slave that lies at her feet and worship them. It relaxes her to tease you by sticking her shoes in your face then taking them off so you can smell her socks. She knows that it drives you crazy to see her bare feet so she puts them right in your face so you can smell them.

My name is Katelyn and I love it when you worship my feet. Don't they look extra soft? Wouldn't you love to suck my pink toes? I love how it satisfies your foot fetish to see my feet up close and from different angles. I wiggle my toes and tease you because I love thinking about you looking at my feet and getting a boner. Are you touching yourself while you look at my bare feet?

Sexy feet need loving too. She takes of her shoes and exposes her naked feet. All she needs now is a slave to lick them. Why is her slave not here yet? Once he arrives she will make sure to put him trough extra humiliation for not showing up on time. He will be sucking and licking on her feet and toes for hours and hours. Her sexy feet deserve this kind of treatment.

What more can you ask for as a foot fetish lover? Beautiful Italian babe wearing lovely new hig heel sandals. These are summer shoes and she wears them with pride. She really loves it when men look at her feet and lick her shoes. Are you interested in meeting her? She has no boyfriend but could really use one. All she demands is that you lick and kiss her feet once a week. That should not be too hard? Now should it?

As soon as Miss Deeane finds that her slave has a love of her feet, she teases him in a video. She strips down and paints her toes red. She records herself nude, but she only allows her feet to dominate the video. She shows her bare feet and spreads her toes. She is happy to move her foot around in the video because her slave can't get to her feet. She loves it, knowing he is frustrated.

There is nothing more that Molly enjoys than her slave's undivided attention. When she doesn't have his attention, she puts him on punishment until he can prove that she is the most important thing to him. She puts him at her feet and she keeps her boots on. She knows it turns him on. She slowly takes her boots off and won't let him touch her sock covered feet. When she takes her socks off, she can see that she has his attention and she teases him until she is no longer amused.

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