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Mistress Katy found out that her favorite socks were torn and she knew it was because of her slave. The mistress did not like what had happened and she had to punish him so that more of her stuff was not destroyed like that. So she used her torn socks, her bare feet as well as her shoes to dominate him. He had to lick them all and he learned from it.

Mistress Arina did not feel like punishing her slave. So she warned him not to mess with her. She told him she would happily trample and torture him with her feet. She told him she would also go ahead and get her feet smelly and dominate him using the same feet. The mistress managed to scare him into avoiding to piss her off. He did the right thing and avoided the foot fetish punishment.

This mistress loves to take advantage of guys for her own benefit. She could tell that this guy was interested in her but she did not feel the same. But that was the perfect scenario for her as she took advantage of it to humiliate him. She did not need to try hard to make the guy do what she asked. Even when she told him to lick her feet and lied to him it turned her on, he did it without asking any questions.

Madame Marissa does not tolerate lazy people. This guy was not the kind of employee she wanted and she made it clear to him that she was not going to let him get away with being lazy while drawing a salary from him. The mistress gave him a punishment using her foot fetish. Madame Marissa made it clear that it was a light one and if he did not improve, he would have himself to blame for what she did to him.

Mistress Cat loved her boyfriend because he was a good person. But he was a bad lover. She did not want to leave him because of that and she did not want to cheat on him. So she resorted to teaching him how to be a good lover. The mistress gave him instructions on how to lick her feet to see how well he took instructions before she gave him instructions on how to make love to her and have proper foreplay.

Princess Serena wanted to see how well this guy pampered her feet. She gave him a blank check to do whatever he wanted to her feet. He could lick them, rub them and even fuck them if he wished. She wanted to find out how well he took care of them before she gave him her pussy to do the same. It was up to him whether he got it or not.

Mistress Mia had thought that her stuff was lost and she found it with this guy. She was pissed and wanted to know how he came to be in possession of the stuff. She used her foot fetish to dominate and to scare the shit out of him. Once scared, she got him to talk and she got to understand how she lost possession of them. Before she let him go, he had to lick her socks and her bare feet.

Mistress Lilly wanted to do something naughty. She wore her sexy bra and a pair of shorts then flaunted her bare feet. She made it look like she was showing off her sexy feet when in fact what she was doing was showing off her sexy legs and her nice tits. She then sent the video she had made to a few guys she wanted to tease and pretended to ask them about her nail polish knowing well they did not pay any attention to the polish.

Mistress Dita had been working all night and she wanted to rest. But her slave made a lot of noise for her and she could not sleep well. She was angry and she woke up and she used her foot fetish to humiliate him. She wanted it to be a lesson to him that he was not to disturb her. She also wanted to have fun by humiliating him and she did.

This mistress had a disagreement with her boyfriend and she wanted it to end in a civil manner but he did not. He resorted to namecalling and she could not take it. She turned on him and she made him lick her shoes as well as her stockings. He was humiliated and he regretted the namecalling but she did not care. She punished him so that it did not happen again.

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