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Lady Fenja wanted to find out what the issue with this loser was but she hit a dead end as he did not cooperate with her. So she chose to do things her own way and she did this by forcing him to lick her smelly feet. He had no choice but to do the things that the mistress wanted and that she had ordered him to do. He changed.

Mistress Jessika likes to unwind by having her feet pampered. She came from work today and she had this loser lick her feet. She wanted him to start with her socks and she even showed him how she wanted it done. She gave him instructions on how she wanted it done and she sat back and she enjoyed what he did. She had a great time at the expense of the loser.

Mistress Olivia was all alone at home and was wondering what to do. She found herself playing and admiring her feet. She flexed them and massaged them. It was while she was doing this that she discovered just how gorgeous and sexy her feet really are. She continued playing with them and doing all sorts of crazy things to them and did not notice as time flew by. But more importantly, she had lots of fun.

I've always been a natural sort of girl. I love nothing more than to put on a comfortable pair of jeans shorts and roll around in a park on the soft grass. I love how the grass and dirt feel under my bare feet. I like picking things up with my toes and rubbing soft fabric between them. Want to touch and smell them with me?

Lisa Jordan does not like people to mess with her feet. This loser stepped on her and she made him lick and massage her feet for an hour

Stella lounges around outside and she knows you are watching. Her form of domination is teasing as she puts her soft, sexy legs up on her settee and wiggles her feet around so you can imagine cumming on her sexy feet. She sits there smoking and looking sexy and all you can do is watch. She will tease you all she wants but you can never touch. She's out of your league.

Amyleen Moore is a super hot girl with soft, sexy feet who knows that you would rather jerk off to her feet than her pussy. She wiggles her toes in your face because she knows that you are imagining her feet in your mouth as you worship them and lick them. She looks so sexy in tight black pants as she holds her sexy feet out so you can lick them and jerk off.

Defiant and dominating Mistress Jenny orders you to lie on the floor so she can stomp your face with her sexy high heel boots. She uses her pointed high heels to crush your face and stomp on it. She loves your pain and humiliation. Even if you start crying, she will continue to stomp you and punish you for no good reason because that is all a loser foot slave is good for.

Stunning raven haired, fair skinned goddess Miss Taylor loves showing off her sexy feet. She tenses up her long supple legs and wiggles her toes to tease you. She massages her beautiful soft feet and spreads her toes right in your face so you can imagine smelling them and licking the sweat between her toes. Imagine how soft her bare feet are to the touch. She knows it makes you horny.

Mistress Jenny is so sexy and cute and she has beautiful feet with soft pink soles. You lie in her floor as she looks down at you and lowers her bare foot on to your face. She crushes your face with her pretty foot and works it around so you can really smell it. She wants you to lick the dirt and sweat off the bottom of her bare feet with your tongue.

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