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Mistress EvilBlackBitchSQ needed to degrade this guy and she did it like a pro. She used her foot fetish to dominate him and by the time she was done with him, he wished that he had never met her. But it was too late and he had no choice but to do what she wanted which was to lick her smelly and stinky feet as well as suck her toes.

Mistress Dula wanted to scare this guy and she chose her feet to do so. She knew that he would not be scared at first and would even find it funny even. But as she did her thing, she ensured that he slowly realized what she was doing and even went ahead to tell her what she would do with her feet and heels on his balls. He got scared.

Mistress Van Licks is good at dominating people and today her friends wanted to be taught how to do it. So she agreed to do it and she asked them to go to her place so that she could teach them how to do it. The mistress taught them in an interesting way and they all had fun at the expense of the guy they did it to. They learned quickly.

Mistress Platin wanted to make this slave lick her sweaty feet and he did it because she would not want to let him get away with it. The mistress instead had him lick her sweaty feet until he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress did not let him stop until he had finished licking her feet as well as sucking her toes. He never pissed her off again as he knew she would punish him cruelly.

Madame Ellen wanted to find out how to make this slave learn that she was not going to let him mess up. The mistress wanted to make him fear her and she wanted to dominate him so that he learned his lesson. So she used her feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick her dirty as well as smelly high heels. The guy was shocked and he feared her.

Mistress EvilBitchSQ was mad at this guy for forgetting her. They had had a one night stand but the guy had forgotten about her and she did not like it. She had to make the guy realize that she was not someone you forget easily after a night of crazy passions. So the mistress humiliated the guy so that he learned not to do what he had done to her.

Goddess Yasemin used her sexy feet and thighs to tease her slave. She did not want to fuck him but rather, she was getting him turned on so that she could teach him how to jerk off like a pro. She had him follow her instructions and she had a great time and one of the best climaxes he had ever had. He now knew how to do it whenever he was horny.

Mistress Lisa has sexy feet. But they were more than just sexy feet as she used them to trample and dominate her farmhand as he had done things which the mistress could not stomach. The mistress explained to him why she had punished him and he even thanked her for punishing him as he acknowledged that the mistake was his and he pledged to do better and correct the situation.

Mistress Kylie and mistress Chloe were bored in the house and without a slave to dominate, they chose to do it themselves. The mistresses tried foot fetish feet and they were surprised at how good it was. They played with their feet and they passed a lot of time as a result. And that is how they ended up having a foot fetish. They made it a permanent fixture in their house.

Goddess Mia loves to try things for fun. She is one of those who do not do it as a form of punishment but rather as a way to have fun. So she lured this guy to her house and as she smoked, she got the guy to lick her dirty socks and her bare feet. It was all out of fun for her and she managed to have a lot of fun.

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