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Lady Mistery is asleep in bed, but she knows you are coming in to worship her feet while she sleeps. She makes sure to leave them sticking out from under the covers. You come up and start licking all the dirt and sweat off her bare feet and toes. She wiggles her feet and it turns you on even more. You rub your cock on her feet and cum all over them.

Elisa got a job at a restaurant to put herself through school. She walked in her socks and shoes all day and got her feet all dirty and sweaty. She takes her shoes off outdoors and she has some sexy stockings on. She wants you to sniff the stockings that are full of sweat. She takes off the stockings so you can polish all the sweat off her bare feet with your tongue.

This mistress is a no nonsense mistress. She instructed her slave how she wanted her shoes and feet licked and she told him to do exactly that or he'll face her wrath

Leana wanted her slave to feel degraded. She was mad and wanted to punish him. She made him lick her feet and clean them with his tongue

Camille and Maika are cruel girls who like to have fun at other people's expense. They took this loser guy from school and made him lick their dirty soles

This mistress was conducting online interviews for people she wanted to be her new slaves. She enjoyed the various responses and picked a few people

Lydia is a hot mistress. And she knows it. She likes to use her hot looks to humiliate guys. This time she was having a slave lick and suck her feet and toes

This Chinese girl has a foot fetish. She was waiting for her slave to come and lick her feet and suck her toes. She kept exercising them while waiting for him

Ceara's foot had a wound which was healing but which needed to be cleaned. She wanted to torture her slave so she made him clean it with his tongue

Felicia was bored with her office work and decided to force her slave to massage her sweaty and smelly feet then lick them.

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