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This guy planning evil for missy Van Licks and her friends. They did not want him to succeed and they had to do whatever it took to dominate him. They did not care what the guy thought or what he felt and they reacted quickly to dominate him and make sure that he not only learned his lesson, but that he also stopped being an evil and negative person. It worked.

Since mistress EvilBlackBitchSQ was interested in torturing this guy as well as humiliating him, she went ahead to turn him into a tool for her fun. The mistress had the guy lick her feet as well as suck her toes. She warned him of worse if he did not obey her instructions so the guy did it out of fear of what she would do to him if he did not.

Mistress CatDeluxe wanted to get her feet licked and rubbed so she went to her slave's room and she sat on his bed. He got up and let her have the bed. She then motioned for him to lick her feet and he was shocked but he knew he had to do it. The slave also had to rub her feet before she felt that she was done with him.

Goddess Yasemin used her sexy feet and thighs to tease her slave. She did not want to fuck him but rather, she was getting him turned on so that she could teach him how to jerk off like a pro. She had him follow her instructions and she had a great time and one of the best climaxes he had ever had. He now knew how to do it whenever he was horny.

Mistress Tamara wanted this guy to stop being a pain in the bum. He was all over the place and he never stopped disturbing. So the mistress asked him to shut up but he did not. So mistress Tamara used her high heels to scare him. When she told him what she was willing to do to him, he kept quiet faster than she had ever seen someone shut up.

Wearing her sexy lingerie, this mistress used her foot fetish to tease this guy and to get him to do her the favors she wanted. She knew that if she asked for the favors outright, she was not likely to get them. And that is why she had to find a way to deal with the situation. The mistress knew that if he was turned on, he would not think much about what she asked and he would be eager to please so she used that to get what she wanted.

Mistress Luna used her sexy ass to lure this guy for some humiliation. He did not know that he was being lured for humiliation. He went thinking that it was all for fun. But instead of the fun he expected to have, he ended up being made to lick her feet and she bent over in such a way that her ass was visible and on his face so he had the motivation to continue licking her feet.

Mistress Carmen was not impressed with the food that this chef prepared for her. She had to express her reservations and she did so by turning this guy into a foot slave and making him regret why he had pissed her off. He had to learn how to make delicious food that she liked and he did after being used as a foot slave by mistress Carmen for a few days.

This guy thought of himself as a super comedian and he ended up pissing this mistress by trying to make fun of her. She was not pleased with what he was doing and she sought to put an end to it. That is how she decided to trample him and she did it with her soles. He could not believe it and he was shocked t the core as it had never happened to him.

This mistress was out to get her slave to lick her bare feet. That is why she had to make sure that she walked bare foot and got her feet dirty. Once she was done with that, she humiliated the slave by forcing him to lick it. He was shocked as it was the first time it was happening to him. He was scared shitless but could not do anything about it.

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