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Lady Victoria likes to try new things all the time. That is because she is adventurous at heart and she never misses an opportunity to have fun. Today the mistress was out to try foot fetish feet as she had just learned about it. She went ahead to make this guy lick her feet after she used a scapegoat to dominate him. it was fun for her but not for him.

When mistress Dula is pissed, she can do anything. Today, the mistress chose to use her feet to scare this guy. She wanted to do it because she felt that the guy was not scared of her which made him do things that pissed her off. So she scared him by explaining what she was going to do to him with her high heels on his balls if he did not change. He changed.

Mistress Anni likes decent people. When she realized that this guy was not, she felt obligated to do something about it. She had to be the one to teach him how to behave and how to do things. So the mistress used her sneakers to humiliate him and the guy learned his lesson in a humiliating way. He never tried that nonsense again as he knew he would be on the losing end.

Mistress Anja was disappointed in how this guy had smelly feet. She had tried to ignore the smell but it was too much for her and she had to punish him. She trampled him with her feet and she told him that he had to learn to keep clean feet like hers. He was in pain and he was humiliated but he got the message, apologized and promised to do better.

Mistress Cinderella wanted to turn this guy on without saying a word and that is what she did. The mistress knew that being sexy, she had high chances of success. So she wore a short dress. Her thighs showed and she had sexy facial expressions but not too obvious ones. She kept playing with her feet and toes and attracted attention to them. The guy loved it, could not stop looking at her and he was turned on. She had done it without saying a word.

Lady Scarlet has a hot ass and she knows how to use it to dominate guys for her fun and entertainment. Today she wanted to have her feet licked but she was not sure that this guy would do it easily. So she teased him with her hot ass and as he checked it out, he got turned on. He thus became easy for her to control and that is how he licked her feet.

Lady Victoria was not in a good mood and she needed some entertainment. She felt that the best way for her to do so was to use her foot fetish to dominate the guy and so she went ahead and did it. She did not think twice about it and warned the guy not to disobey her. He got scared of her and did exactly what she wanted him to do.

Goddess Mia loves to try things for fun. She is one of those who do not do it as a form of punishment but rather as a way to have fun. So she lured this guy to her house and as she smoked, she got the guy to lick her dirty socks and her bare feet. It was all out of fun for her and she managed to have a lot of fun.

Goddess Mia and her slave fell out and she wanted to punish him. She did not want to be in bad books with her slave as her slave had to learn his place and do things the way the mistress wanted. She had to teach him never to mess around and that is why she chose to make him her foot slave and also turn him into a human ashtray.

Mistress Mayhem lived near the street so she went and sat on her stairs and she would randomly entice guys to go to where she was. She would then make those who came lick her feet and a few of them actually agreed while the others ran away as fast as they could when they found out what she wanted them to do. All in all, she had a great time.

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