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Lady Victoria could not believe that this guy wanted to date her but at the same time, he was not available. She did not want someone who was distant and she had seen the signs from him. She asked him to change if he wanted anything with her. That is how she turned him into a foot slave and she used that to send a message to him. He got it.

Mistress Tamara wanted this guy to stop being a pain in the bum. He was all over the place and he never stopped disturbing. So the mistress asked him to shut up but he did not. So mistress Tamara used her high heels to scare him. When she told him what she was willing to do to him, he kept quiet faster than she had ever seen someone shut up.

Mistress Kim loves to put on a show. Her new boyfriend did not know how flexible she was and she went out of her way to show him how. The boyfriend was wowed by how she moved her body and the kind of poses she took. She could even touch her nipples with her toes and the boyfriend was so turned on that he did not let her continue. He jumped in and gave it to her like she deserved.

Mistress Madison loves to dominate and to degrade. And she loves to use different ways to achieve her results. That is why today she used her bare feet to do it. She played with this guy and told him some naughty things and gave him jerk off instructions which he followed while looking at her feet and fantasizing about them and how soft and smooth they were and how he would have loved to fuck them.

Lady Krasaviza was sweetly surprised when she learned that her slave had done something thoughtful for her. She had planned to punish him because of something he had done earlier. But because of what she had found out, she let him go. She had planned to humiliate him using her bare feet in order to teach him a lesson. But now she let it go and did not pursue it.

There is nothing more that Molly enjoys than her slave's undivided attention. When she doesn't have his attention, she puts him on punishment until he can prove that she is the most important thing to him. She puts him at her feet and she keeps her boots on. She knows it turns him on. She slowly takes her boots off and won't let him touch her sock covered feet. When she takes her socks off, she can see that she has his attention and she teases him until she is no longer amused.

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