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Goddess Grazi and her friend wanted to try foot fetish so they flaunted their sexy feet which had tattoos on them and had sexy nail polish on them. They recorded everything they did and it was a turn on for them as they had a great time. It actually exceeded their expectations and they had more fun than they had expected to have when they first had the idea to do it.

Lady Anja had never had a foot fuck before and since she was in a naughty mood and she had the time, she wanted to get that experience. So she had some dirty and naughty chat with one of the guys in her DM and she invited him to her house where she got him to fuck her soft and sexy feet. It was good for her but it was even better for him.

Mistress Monika was bored in the house. She knew this guy who had a crush on her and as much as she knew it was an evil thing to do, she went ahead to humiliate him and have fun at his expense because she was bored out of her freaking mind. She called the guy to her house and instead of the fun he expected to have, she got him to lick her bare feet.

This mistress was angered to learn that her slave talked shit about her behind her back. But when she was around, he said flowery things about her. She hated two faced people and she had to make him stop backbiting her. She used her dirty and smelly feet to teach him a lesson and it was a cruel lesson. She had him lick her feet and she warned him never to do that again.

Mistress Nelly does not like losers. If she considers someone a loser, then she will have nothing to do with him. This guy tried to seduce her but she had labelled him a loser. So she knew nothing would happen between them. But he insisted and she had to do something about it. She took him to her place and she had him lick the soles of her boots as well as her socks and bare feet.

Lady Kitty is a sexy mistress. She gets a lot of attention from guys and it happened so much that it went into her head. It now became a bother and she looked for a way to manage it or end it. After much thought, she decided to take advantage of it and have fun. She now likes to lure guys with her flirts and teases and then makes them lick her smelly, sweaty and stinky feet.

Lady Velvet tortured and humiliated this guy who wanted a job. That way, he could do whatever she wanted when she hired him

Camille and Maika are cruel girls who like to have fun at other people's expense. They took this loser guy from school and made him lick their dirty soles

Kneel before our feet you naughty foot slave. Worship our feet properly or suffer more humiliation. Lick our shoes completely clean then you may take them off so you can smell our bare feet. Even though our feet are dirty and sweaty, you must lick them and smell them because you are here to be our foot slave. Now smell our shoes with no regard for your own humiliation loser.

Goddess Victoria is busy figuring out her bills and she chooses you to be the slave that lies at her feet and worship them. It relaxes her to tease you by sticking her shoes in your face then taking them off so you can smell her socks. She knows that it drives you crazy to see her bare feet so she puts them right in your face so you can smell them.

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