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Mistress Zora likes to humiliate. She lives to humiliate guys but for her, she always tries her best to humiliate guys who deserve it. Guys such as jerks and people who are rude or bullies. Today she met a bully who she had a lot of fun humiliating. She turned him into her sweat remover as well as her foot slave. He had to lick and smell her sweaty and smelly socks and sneakers.

When you are as hot as this Latina mistress, you do not have to worry about getting bored. This mistress loves to have all kinds of fun and today she wanted to try something new and she did. She sat on the couch with her wine and called her slave. She gave him instructions on how to lick her feet and suck her toes before she sat back to allow him do what she wanted.

Emily was mad at her boyfriend. He tried to talk to her but she gave him the silent treatment. She was not really as mad as he thought. She was more of bored. He had done something small but he thought it was big since she was not talking. When he insisted on making things right, she saw it as an opportunity to try the foot fetish she had been dying to.

Felicia was relaxing at home when the guy who had a crush on her came by. She made him entertain her by licking her feet and dirty socks

This mistress is a no nonsense mistress. She instructed her slave how she wanted her shoes and feet licked and she told him to do exactly that or he'll face her wrath

This Chinese girl had many suitors. But she had a secret she used to select the best one - she wanted one who could lick her feet till she got a footgasm

Lady Velvet tortured and humiliated this guy who wanted a job. That way, he could do whatever she wanted when she hired him

Selena was trying a foot fetish for the first time. She gathered all information she wanted and then prepared for her slave. Oh the poor slave. He did not know what awaited him

Monique and Victoria wanted their feet cleaned but they did not want to do the cleaning themselves. The slave had to lick their feet clean

Felicia had given her slave instructions which he did not carry out as told. She punished him by making him lick her sweaty feet and stinky socks

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