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This mistress loves to have fun with her feet and she knows how to do a lot of things with her feet including giving great footjobs. But today she was interested in having her feet licked. That is why she chose to get her feet dirty and sweaty so that she could have them licked the way she wanted. That is exactly what she made this loser do to her feet.

Goddess Grazi and her friend wanted to try foot fetish so they flaunted their sexy feet which had tattoos on them and had sexy nail polish on them. They recorded everything they did and it was a turn on for them as they had a great time. It actually exceeded their expectations and they had more fun than they had expected to have when they first had the idea to do it.

This mistress loves to smoke. She was not going to waste her precious time and her precious cigarette on this loser but she made him think so. He thought that she was interested in turning him into a human ashtray and he got scared. But all she wanted was to scare him and make him a foot slave which she managed to do as he thought it was an easier punishment as opposed to being a human ashtray.

Mistress Delvia had always wanted to try foot fetish but she had never gotten the chance to do it. She felt that today she had that chance as she was punishing this guy for pissing her off. So she turned the guy into a foot slave and had him lick and pamper her feet according to her instructions and he had to do all she told him out of fear.

Princess Mih had a problem with her boyfriend. She did not want to talk to him but she wanted him to understand her. So she used her feet to talk to him. The mistress gave him the silent treatment and when he tried to talk to him, she responded using her feet. He had a problem understanding what she wanted him to understand. But she did not care about what he understood or did not.

Mistress Alisha had done wonders to this guy with her feet. She wanted to show him how naughty and crazy she was. So she got him to fuck her feet. Or rather she fucked him with her feet. Being soft and sexy, it was not hard for him to get turned on. And as she lubed them before he fucked them, it felt so soft and he loved everything that she did for him.

Mistress Ashley was disappointed to learn that her new slave was dirty. Since she was not going to allow such a slave to stay in her house, she resolved to change it and do it immediately. The mistress forced the slave to watch as she washed her feet and socks with water and then gave it to him to drink. That was his punishment besides having to lick her feet as well as her sneakers.

This mistress does not care about anyone's age. If she feels like dominating anyone, she will do it irrespective of their age, gender or status. She does it for fun and that is what matters to her. Today the mistress used her feet to dominate this loser and also trample him. Her feet were dirty just the way she wanted them to be before she started to dominate the slave.

Mistress Palina is addicted to foot fetish. She loves having a footgasm every now and then and today she needed one as she was stressed and she wanted to at least enjoy herself. She made this loser lick her feet and rub them according to her instructions. She did not need him to do it for long before she had her footgasm. It felt heavenly and she relaxed and slept.

Mistress Barbara had had a long day so when she reached home, she wanted to relax. She wanted her slave to start with her feet. She made him lick her feet which were sweaty. She also had him suck her toes before she had him massage her feet. That made her relax but he was not off the woods yet as she wanted him to massage her whole body too.

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