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Mistress Anni likes decent people. When she realized that this guy was not, she felt obligated to do something about it. She had to be the one to teach him how to behave and how to do things. So the mistress used her sneakers to humiliate him and the guy learned his lesson in a humiliating way. He never tried that nonsense again as he knew he would be on the losing end.

Mistress Van Licks is good at dominating people and today her friends wanted to be taught how to do it. So she agreed to do it and she asked them to go to her place so that she could teach them how to do it. The mistress taught them in an interesting way and they all had fun at the expense of the guy they did it to. They learned quickly.

Mistress Lisa has sexy feet. But they were more than just sexy feet as she used them to trample and dominate her farmhand as he had done things which the mistress could not stomach. The mistress explained to him why she had punished him and he even thanked her for punishing him as he acknowledged that the mistake was his and he pledged to do better and correct the situation.

Lady Victoria was not in a good mood and she needed some entertainment. She felt that the best way for her to do so was to use her foot fetish to dominate the guy and so she went ahead and did it. She did not think twice about it and warned the guy not to disobey her. He got scared of her and did exactly what she wanted him to do.

Mistress Zephy has sexy feet and today she met a guy who had a thing for feet. The guy literally worshipped her feet and at first it felt weird but as time went by, she got used to it and she loved it. The mistress enjoyed seeing the guy turned on by her feet and how he even jerked off to her feet. She did not need to do a thing.

Mistress Alexis did not expose her body to turn this guy on. She did not even say anything. All she did was to play with her feet and do it in slow motion and in a sensuous way. What assisted her was the facial expressions she made as she put on a foot show for him and he got so turned on that he wanted her but she made him jerk off.

Goddess Mia loves to take advantage of her beauty and sexiness. She knows that she can do a lot of things and get away with them just because she is sexy and that is what she did today. The mistress trampled this guy using dirty feet but because she did it in a sexy manner, he thought she was not messing around with him and he did not get offended.

Mistress Claudia felt that her farmhand was not as hard-working as she had hoped he would. She wanted to change him and she did so today using her bare feet. She got him to lick as well as to smell her feet after she had got them a little sweaty and a little smelly. That was a warning to him that things would not be the same again if he went on behaving like that.

Mistress Dana wanted to make this guy cum. He had a fetish for feet and she used her gorgeous feet to turn him on. When he saw how sexy her feet were, he wanted to fuck them. But she did not let him. Instead, the naughty mistress just had the guy watch as she teased him and she went ahead to give him jerk-off instructions which he used to cum.

Mistress Alisha had done wonders to this guy with her feet. She wanted to show him how naughty and crazy she was. So she got him to fuck her feet. Or rather she fucked him with her feet. Being soft and sexy, it was not hard for him to get turned on. And as she lubed them before he fucked them, it felt so soft and he loved everything that she did for him.

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