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When mistress Dula is pissed, she can do anything. Today, the mistress chose to use her feet to scare this guy. She wanted to do it because she felt that the guy was not scared of her which made him do things that pissed her off. So she scared him by explaining what she was going to do to him with her high heels on his balls if he did not change. He changed.

Mistress Anja was disappointed in how this guy had smelly feet. She had tried to ignore the smell but it was too much for her and she had to punish him. She trampled him with her feet and she told him that he had to learn to keep clean feet like hers. He was in pain and he was humiliated but he got the message, apologized and promised to do better.

Lady Victoria wanted to crush this boring guy and so she did it with her birkis. She did not care what he felt as he was a boring guy and as such his opinion did not count much to her. He had to endure what she did to him but luckily for him, it did not last long and she let him after she had trampled him a little bit.

Mistress Sophia has sexy feet and she loves to have them pampered all the time. Today was not an exception as she had this guy do it. The poor guy had no choice but to pamper them by licking them, rubbing them and even sucking her toes as she had ordered him to. He was rewarded at the end of it with jerk off instructions as she was in a naughty mood.

Goddess Nika was not in the mood to talk to her slave and she did not want him to continue pissing her off. That is why she chose to use her foot fetish to shut him up. The mistress made a gesture with her feet and when he did not get it, she made him lick them before he understood what she meant. He was warned that next time it would be worse.

Goddess Yasemin used her sexy feet and thighs to tease her slave. She did not want to fuck him but rather, she was getting him turned on so that she could teach him how to jerk off like a pro. She had him follow her instructions and she had a great time and one of the best climaxes he had ever had. He now knew how to do it whenever he was horny.

Mistress Penelopa was not ok with how her boyfriend was horny. She fucked him daily but he was always a little horny and she wanted a break. So she told him to wait for a few days for her to get back her strength but he did not want to. So she crushed his balls and his dick with her bare feet and had him jerk off instead as she was not in the mood.

This guy was irresponsible and goddess Nika was not going to let him get away with the kind of things he did. She did not want to be involved with an irresponsible person and that is why she turned him into a foot slave and humiliated him to make sure he understood what happened to irresponsible people like himself. He learned his lesson and he never got another punishment as a result.

Mistress Lisa has sexy feet. But they were more than just sexy feet as she used them to trample and dominate her farmhand as he had done things which the mistress could not stomach. The mistress explained to him why she had punished him and he even thanked her for punishing him as he acknowledged that the mistake was his and he pledged to do better and correct the situation.

Mistress Nyx does not like disobedient people and she never lets them get away with their mistakes. She loves to punish them so that they do not repeat their mistakes. So today she used her socks and bare feet to trample and humiliate this guy. He was shocked at how humiliating what she did to him was. He had thought it would be fun licking her sexy feet but it was not.

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