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Lady Victoria wanted to crush this boring guy and so she did it with her birkis. She did not care what he felt as he was a boring guy and as such his opinion did not count much to her. He had to endure what she did to him but luckily for him, it did not last long and she let him after she had trampled him a little bit.

Mistress Lustymaylasia was not in the mood for sex but her man was. She did not want to disappoint him and that is why she opted to make sure that he had an alternative to sex. She oiled her feet and since they were very soft, she let him fuck them. He loved how naughty it was and he fucked it hungrily. He had a great orgasm and he thanked her for coming up with the idea.

Lady Scarlet has a hot ass and she knows how to use it to dominate guys for her fun and entertainment. Today she wanted to have her feet licked but she was not sure that this guy would do it easily. So she teased him with her hot ass and as he checked it out, he got turned on. He thus became easy for her to control and that is how he licked her feet.

Goddess Grazi and her friend wanted to try foot fetish so they flaunted their sexy feet which had tattoos on them and had sexy nail polish on them. They recorded everything they did and it was a turn on for them as they had a great time. It actually exceeded their expectations and they had more fun than they had expected to have when they first had the idea to do it.

This mistress loves to smoke. She was not going to waste her precious time and her precious cigarette on this loser but she made him think so. He thought that she was interested in turning him into a human ashtray and he got scared. But all she wanted was to scare him and make him a foot slave which she managed to do as he thought it was an easier punishment as opposed to being a human ashtray.

Mistress Alexis did not expose her body to turn this guy on. She did not even say anything. All she did was to play with her feet and do it in slow motion and in a sensuous way. What assisted her was the facial expressions she made as she put on a foot show for him and he got so turned on that he wanted her but she made him jerk off.

Mistress Saida hates laziness and that is why she was on this employee's neck. The mistress was not impressed by the guy as he had a poor work ethic and as a result, did not contribute much other than being fun to look at and also being the person that she took out her stress on. But it worked for the both of them until the slave felt that it had become too much.

Lady Anja is the kind of girl who loves to dominate for fun and that is what she did to this loser. She got the loser to lick her feet until she got tired. The slave had messed up but he did not know that the punishment was going to be as severe as it ended up being. He had to lick her dirty and smelly feet then sat down to busk in the sun.

Goddess Belle went ahead and she made sure her feet were smelly so that she could use them to dominate this slave. She wanted to find out whether he was able to do what she wanted even if it was not something pleasant. So the mistress had him lick as well as smell her feet despite them being smelly as well sweaty. He learned to obey her at all times.

Princess Nicole wanted an attentive slave and she realized that this guy was not it. She was pissed at him and she had to make sure that he never did any of that shit again. He had to learn to be attentive. So she made him learn that by forcing him to lick her bare feet and warning him that she would crush his nuts if he did not. He had no choice.

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