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Goddess Ella has pretty feet. She loves to humiliate and dominate people but she is one of those who does not like to use pain. She does so with her bare feet. She gets a loser to lick her feet, which are usually smelly or dirty for that purpose. She smeared her feet with some gooey stuff and she made this loser lick them. He had no choice but to do it.

This mistress had had a long day. She had been on her feet for most of the day and she was very tired. She wanted to lay down and rest when she got home. Her feet hurt so much that she had to ask her slave to rub them sensuously and then lick them. He did it so well that she relaxed and she fell asleep. She rewarded him in the morning.

This mistress has sexy feet. She knows they are irresistible and as such, she likes to take advantage of them and have fun at the expense of guys. She flirted with this guy today and she made him lick her feet, her socks as well as her boots. The guy was even made to rub and pamper her feet till she had enough of it. Then she sent him away.

Goddess Nora Marinelli had watched videos of people having their feet licked and massaged and she was dying for that. She was on her feet a lot during the day and when she got home, her feet were killing her. She called this loser who had a crush on her and she turned him into her foot slave. She read a book as she got him to lick her feet and massage them after she had flirted with him a little.

Mistress Palina is addicted to foot fetish. She loves having a footgasm every now and then and today she needed one as she was stressed and she wanted to at least enjoy herself. She made this loser lick her feet and rub them according to her instructions. She did not need him to do it for long before she had her footgasm. It felt heavenly and she relaxed and slept.

Lady Ria Rebell is the kind of person who likes to use her gorgeous looks to humiliate whenever she feels like. She wanted to have fun at the expense of this loser and she did that in the office. She called him to her office and she cruelly had him lick her bare feet as well as her stockings. He did as he had been ordered because he feared she would do worse if he did not.

Mistress Elea came home from work and she was tired. Her feet hurt because she had been standing for a long time. She needed to rest and part of her rest was to have a good foot massage. She called her slave and she had him a sensual rub her feet as well as she wanted before she felt better and let him go. She then took a shower and went to bed.

Elea is a fine mistress. She never has to struggle to get male attention and she also has an easy time humiliating them like she did today. She had met a hot guy and she enjoyed manipulating him. She had him believe that she had sensitive feet which if he licked and massaged, she would be turned on. The guy did his best including smelling her socks but later found out she was only messing with him.

Mistress Barbara does not like losers telling her what to do. This loser did not realize that he was the loser and she was the mistress so she sought to put him in his place. She did this by forcing him to lick her smelly feet. She also had him smell her feet as well as her smelly shoes. He tried to argue but was told to lick her sneakers and that shut him up.

Madame Svea hates liars and this loser was one. She could not let him get away with it so she used her dirty feet and her smelly socks to pump some sense into him. She did this by having him smell her socks. Once she was satisfied with it, she also told him to lick her sweaty feet. She warned him to do it well or she would make him lick the soles of her dirty sneakers.

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