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Mistress Dula wanted to scare this guy and she chose her feet to do so. She knew that he would not be scared at first and would even find it funny even. But as she did her thing, she ensured that he slowly realized what she was doing and even went ahead to tell her what she would do with her feet and heels on his balls. He got scared.

Lady Victoria could not believe that this guy wanted to date her but at the same time, he was not available. She did not want someone who was distant and she had seen the signs from him. She asked him to change if he wanted anything with her. That is how she turned him into a foot slave and she used that to send a message to him. He got it.

Madame Ellen wanted to find out how to make this slave learn that she was not going to let him mess up. The mistress wanted to make him fear her and she wanted to dominate him so that he learned his lesson. So she used her feet to dominate him by forcing him to lick her dirty as well as smelly high heels. The guy was shocked and he feared her.

Mistress EvilBitchSQ was mad at this guy for forgetting her. They had had a one night stand but the guy had forgotten about her and she did not like it. She had to make the guy realize that she was not someone you forget easily after a night of crazy passions. So the mistress humiliated the guy so that he learned not to do what he had done to her.

Lady Scarlet has a hot ass and she knows how to use it to dominate guys for her fun and entertainment. Today she wanted to have her feet licked but she was not sure that this guy would do it easily. So she teased him with her hot ass and as he checked it out, he got turned on. He thus became easy for her to control and that is how he licked her feet.

When this guy forgot mistress Jenny's name, that was an invitation for her to do something she had never done before. She did not hesitate to torture him with her bare feet and he had to not only be trampled, but she also had to make him lick her feet clean. He never forgot anyone's name because he was not sure how they would react if he forgot their name.

Mistress Delvia had always wanted to try foot fetish but she had never gotten the chance to do it. She felt that today she had that chance as she was punishing this guy for pissing her off. So she turned the guy into a foot slave and had him lick and pamper her feet according to her instructions and he had to do all she told him out of fear.

Lady Anja had never had a foot fuck before and since she was in a naughty mood and she had the time, she wanted to get that experience. So she had some dirty and naughty chat with one of the guys in her DM and she invited him to her house where she got him to fuck her soft and sexy feet. It was good for her but it was even better for him.

Lady Naomi wanted to dominate this guy with her feet but she knew it would not be easy and she did not want to force him. She chose to get him to cooperate with her as she did it. The mistress teased him with her hot ass and as he got horny, he became malleable to her and she made him do things she wanted such as to lick her feet.

Mistress Elena wanted to find out whether this guy was good at licking feet. She wanted to know whether he was so that she could get him to be licking and rubbing her feet. That is because he had said he had a fetish for sexy feet and she figured it was going to be something mutual for both of them. And she was right as he turned out to be good and they both enjoyed it.

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