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Mistress Monika was bored in the house. She knew this guy who had a crush on her and as much as she knew it was an evil thing to do, she went ahead to humiliate him and have fun at his expense because she was bored out of her freaking mind. She called the guy to her house and instead of the fun he expected to have, she got him to lick her bare feet.

Mistress Carmela loves her foot fetish. She loves it because it gives her great pleasure. She also loves it because it is easy to pull off. In addition, it is not painful on slaves and losers. She likes having her feet pampered by getting a foot rub and other sensual treatments for her feet. She is one of the few mistresses who do not enjoy their fetish by humiliating others. She does it because she loves it.

This mistress had sent her slave to the shop but he did not back as early as he had mentioned. She saw on a chair and she made him do all the nasty things that she had in her mind. She made sure that her slave would not disrupt what she wanted to do and that he was well threatened so that whenever he did anything wrong, he knew what the consequences were.

This Chinese girl had many suitors. But she had a secret she used to select the best one - she wanted one who could lick her feet till she got a footgasm

Mia did not care who was watching. She was in the office and practising how she will trample her slave and get him to lick her feet

Victoria was in a bad mood. The only thing that could get her to feet better was getting her feet licked and massaged. And her slave was on hand to do it despite the fact that it was in public

This mistress was exercising her feet for what they were about to do next - trample and humiliate a slave like never before

This mistress lied to this guy that she was get naughty with him, but she ended up making him lick her feet and when he demanded more, she pretended her boyfriend was coming

Her feet were stinky and smelly. And she did not want to touch them. Luckily, her slave was near so she made him clean them

Liberty was relaxing at home when she found out about foot fetishes. She became interested and decided to also humiliate her slave with her sweaty feet

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