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Mistress Vanny did not feel like wearing anything on her feet. When she went out of the house, she was barefoot and she came back to the house with dirty feet. And it is those same feet that she used to humiliate and dominate this loser. She

Mistress Jessika was not happy when she learned that her employee liked to skip work. She would not have minded if he was good at his job but it turned out he was not. She had many other issues with him. So she called him to her office and she got him to lick the soles of her boots as punishment. She warned him never to fail her again or she would do something he would regret.

When this mistress found out that her feet were smelly, she was infuriated. She blamed the slave for it and she humiliated him. She choked him with her smelly feet and she also had him lick them. She tortured him and warned him to make sure she never had smelly feet again. She made him chew her socks and do other crazy things before she felt that he had had enough.

Mistress Denise has gorgeous feet. She has a thing for getting them licked and being a hot and naughty girl, that is never hard for her. She had not had her own fun for a long time that she decided not to use a slave today but rather have fun on her own. And she did so. It was refreshing and she actually enjoyed admiring, rubbing and spoiling her own feet.

Mistress Carmela loves her foot fetish. She loves it because it gives her great pleasure. She also loves it because it is easy to pull off. In addition, it is not painful on slaves and losers. She likes having her feet pampered by getting a foot rub and other sensual treatments for her feet. She is one of the few mistresses who do not enjoy their fetish by humiliating others. She does it because she loves it.

Mistress Jenna was not in a good mood. She realized that her slave had done what she did not ask him to do and in the process he had messed some things up. Nothing could be done about it at the present so she made sure that no one would have the kind of access he had. She punished him by making him lick her sweaty as well as stinky feet.

Listen close you pig loser. Princess Jenny is going to show you how to by her nylon slave. She instructs you on how to worship her feet properly when she is in nylons. She walks around in her high heels then takes them off so you can see her supple feet through her stockings. She shoes you where you should lick them so you can worship them properly. That's the only way you can be her footboy.

Hello there. Are you my new slave? Good, then I won't waste time. My bare legs and feet are exposed for you to touch. I put my soft, warm toes in your face and you start licking the soles of my sexy bare feet. I wiggle my toes because it feels good and my sexy legs tense up. You run your hand up and down my soft, warm leg as you suck my toes.

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