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Mistress Anni has sexy feet and sexy legs. And she used both of them as bait to get this guy to do what she wanted. The mistress was bored and for lack of a better thing to do, she had a great time torturing the guy with her sexy legs before she left him high and dry. He thought she was interested in her but he was shocked she was just using him.

Mistress Gaia and her friend needed to deal with the boredom they found themselves in. They did not have anything better to do so they came up with some play involving feet and they tried it as mistress Gaia had seen it somewhere and wanted them to try it. They recorded themselves as they did it and reviewed the footage then tried it again. It helped them to pass time.

When it comes to dealing with slaves, this mistress likes to scare them so that they would never mess with her. She finds that easier than having to punish them later on. So she had this one scared of her by using her feet. The poor guy was told what she would do to him with her feet and that scared the shit out of him and he never messed with her again.

This mistress wanted to make this guy lick her feet and also lick the spit on her feet. The mistress told her that she would punish him more if he did not lick her as well as she wanted. He did it and when she was done with him, she went to the bathroom and she washed her feet. Then she took some lotion and she applied it on her feet.

Mistress CatDeluxe wanted to get her feet licked and rubbed so she went to her slave's room and she sat on his bed. He got up and let her have the bed. She then motioned for him to lick her feet and he was shocked but he knew he had to do it. The slave also had to rub her feet before she felt that she was done with him.

Mistress Lustymaylasia was not in the mood for sex but her man was. She did not want to disappoint him and that is why she opted to make sure that he had an alternative to sex. She oiled her feet and since they were very soft, she let him fuck them. He loved how naughty it was and he fucked it hungrily. He had a great orgasm and he thanked her for coming up with the idea.

Goddess Yasemin used her sexy feet and thighs to tease her slave. She did not want to fuck him but rather, she was getting him turned on so that she could teach him how to jerk off like a pro. She had him follow her instructions and she had a great time and one of the best climaxes he had ever had. He now knew how to do it whenever he was horny.

This guy was irresponsible and goddess Nika was not going to let him get away with the kind of things he did. She did not want to be involved with an irresponsible person and that is why she turned him into a foot slave and humiliated him to make sure he understood what happened to irresponsible people like himself. He learned his lesson and he never got another punishment as a result.

Mistress Evgenia did not want this guy to think that he could escape not paying attention to her and her instructions. That is why she went out of her way to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress trampled him and as he felt pain and tried begging for mercy, she told him that she does not care and that he should pay attention to avoid another painful punishment.

Mistress Nyx does not like disobedient people and she never lets them get away with their mistakes. She loves to punish them so that they do not repeat their mistakes. So today she used her socks and bare feet to trample and humiliate this guy. He was shocked at how humiliating what she did to him was. He had thought it would be fun licking her sexy feet but it was not.

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