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Mistress Dula wanted to scare this guy and she chose her feet to do so. She knew that he would not be scared at first and would even find it funny even. But as she did her thing, she ensured that he slowly realized what she was doing and even went ahead to tell her what she would do with her feet and heels on his balls. He got scared.

This mistress wanted to make this guy lick her feet and also lick the spit on her feet. The mistress told her that she would punish him more if he did not lick her as well as she wanted. He did it and when she was done with him, she went to the bathroom and she washed her feet. Then she took some lotion and she applied it on her feet.

Lady Scarlet has a hot ass and she knows how to use it to dominate guys for her fun and entertainment. Today she wanted to have her feet licked but she was not sure that this guy would do it easily. So she teased him with her hot ass and as he checked it out, he got turned on. He thus became easy for her to control and that is how he licked her feet.

Mistress Lana had done her best to change this guy to be a better man, but he did not change at all. He was a liar and an incorrigible one at that. So she knew she had to punish him and chase him away and she did so using her spit and her feet. She used smelly and dirty feet to humiliate him by ordering him to lick them. Then she spat into his mouth before she was done with him.

This guy was irresponsible and goddess Nika was not going to let him get away with the kind of things he did. She did not want to be involved with an irresponsible person and that is why she turned him into a foot slave and humiliated him to make sure he understood what happened to irresponsible people like himself. He learned his lesson and he never got another punishment as a result.

Mistress Tamara wanted this guy to stop being a pain in the bum. He was all over the place and he never stopped disturbing. So the mistress asked him to shut up but he did not. So mistress Tamara used her high heels to scare him. When she told him what she was willing to do to him, he kept quiet faster than she had ever seen someone shut up.

Mistress Helen wanted her feet pampered and she instructed this slave to do it. The slave was relaxing when she asked him to do it. He got up and went to her and he licked her feet according to her instructions. It was a lot of fun for the mistress and she had a footgasm in the process of what the slave did to her. She even discovered more erogenous zones on her feet.

Wearing her sexy lingerie, this mistress used her foot fetish to tease this guy and to get him to do her the favors she wanted. She knew that if she asked for the favors outright, she was not likely to get them. And that is why she had to find a way to deal with the situation. The mistress knew that if he was turned on, he would not think much about what she asked and he would be eager to please so she used that to get what she wanted.

Mistress Zephy has sexy feet and today she met a guy who had a thing for feet. The guy literally worshipped her feet and at first it felt weird but as time went by, she got used to it and she loved it. The mistress enjoyed seeing the guy turned on by her feet and how he even jerked off to her feet. She did not need to do a thing.

Mistress Madison loves to dominate and to degrade. And she loves to use different ways to achieve her results. That is why today she used her bare feet to do it. She played with this guy and told him some naughty things and gave him jerk off instructions which he followed while looking at her feet and fantasizing about them and how soft and smooth they were and how he would have loved to fuck them.

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