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Lady Krasaviza was sweetly surprised when she learned that her slave had done something thoughtful for her. She had planned to punish him because of something he had done earlier. But because of what she had found out, she let him go. She had planned to humiliate him using her bare feet in order to teach him a lesson. But now she let it go and did not pursue it.

Lady Kitty is a sexy mistress. She gets a lot of attention from guys and it happened so much that it went into her head. It now became a bother and she looked for a way to manage it or end it. After much thought, she decided to take advantage of it and have fun. She now likes to lure guys with her flirts and teases and then makes them lick her smelly, sweaty and stinky feet.

Hold still and pay attention to what I'm telling you, foot slave, or you'll be sorry. Get down nice and low in front of me and take a good, long look at how beautiful my feet are. I'm using a riding crop capable of inflicting great pain to direct you exactly where on my feet to kiss, lick, suck, and worship. Now open wide and lick them clean.

Marie wanted to make sure that her new slave knew his position in that household. He had started to grow horns and was getting to big for his size. She had to cut him down to size. She wanted to start small before bringing out the big guns if the situation called for that. She made him lick, smell and suck her dirty and stinky toes and that was enough.

Goddess Saffron was not feeling like punishing her slave like usual. She wanted to do it in a way that would not make her tired. Usually she would trample him or do something of that sort. But today she was tired and wanted him to punish himself. So she made him lick and smell her sweaty and stinky feet. He was supposed to do the same to her high heels.

How would you like to suck Lady Fine's toes? She is putting them on display for you so you can stick them in your mouth. She stands there in sexy black pants and puts her pink high heels in your face. She knows you want to sniff her sweaty bare feet so she takes her high heels off. She wiggles her sweaty toes right in your face. Lick the sweat off her feet.

Annabelle looks so soft as she sits there wiggling her pretty feet inside her high heels. She holds her foot up to the camera as she crosses her legs. She lets the high heels fall to the floor so you can worship her pretty bare feet. She sticks out the soles of her feet to feel your tongue on them. Annabelle loves to get her feet licked and worshipped by a slave.

Listen close you pig loser. Princess Jenny is going to show you how to by her nylon slave. She instructs you on how to worship her feet properly when she is in nylons. She walks around in her high heels then takes them off so you can see her supple feet through her stockings. She shoes you where you should lick them so you can worship them properly. That's the only way you can be her footboy.

Hot blonde foot fetish queen Jackie wants you to worship her feet. She wants you to start with some shoelicking. Lick all the dirt off the soles of her high heels then take them off so you can lick the sweat off her bare feet. She wants you to put your tongue between her toes and suck all of the sweat off of them to satisfy her foot fetish.

Come closer slave. I can see you staring at my soft and supple feet. Yes they are just as soft as they look. Here, I will put them in your face. I see your cock is getting hard so I want you to put it between my feet. I rub my soft toes all over your cock and it gets even harder. I want you to cum all over my feet.

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