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Mistress Presley has a foot fetish and she likes to use it to humiliate her slave and have fun at his expense. She came home with her feet dirty and her socks smelling and dirty too. She used them to humiliate this guy and make him lick and smell them. She did not give him an option. It was mandatory and he did it the way she instructed him to.

Lady Kitty is a sexy mistress. She gets a lot of attention from guys and it happened so much that it went into her head. It now became a bother and she looked for a way to manage it or end it. After much thought, she decided to take advantage of it and have fun. She now likes to lure guys with her flirts and teases and then makes them lick her smelly, sweaty and stinky feet.

Selena was trying a foot fetish for the first time. She gathered all information she wanted and then prepared for her slave. Oh the poor slave. He did not know what awaited him

When Saskia wants to play with her slave, she does it with her boots on. She is happy to put her slave on the floor and trample his face. She doesn't hurt him but she doesn't hesitate to tap his face with her boot. She also stomps his face when she takes her boots off. She loves to walk all over him but tapping and stomping his face gives her great pleasure.

Smoking hot babe is lounging on her couch staring at her own beautiful feet. She really loves her own feet. Now she takes of her socks and just sits there bare foot. Her toes and soles could do with a good slave who is not scared of licking some feet. It is one of the best experiences she ever had, when one of her slaves came over and licked her feet and toes. Now she just sits on the sofa fantasizing about having him come over again

Blonde Mistress loves getting attention because of her beautiful sexy feet. She is looking for a slave that can come over to lick her dirty stinky feet. She could just go have a shower and was her feet. But what fun would that be when you could humiliate a slave by having him lick your dirty soles. Especially her big toe loves getting sucked on. Luckily for us she uploads all her vids to the internet. So we can enjoy watching slaves getting humiliated

Sexy Princess loves it when you stare at her feet. She is wearing her favorite socks especially for you. When she takes them off she wants you to lick her feet. It feels so good when a slave licks on your feet. It is her favorite thing in the world even better than sex. Even when her feet aren't washed yet her slaves have to start licking them. She puts her stinky feet in her slaves mouth.

When Amy wants her slave to cum, she talks dirty and uses her feet. As a treat to her slave, she will dress in lingerie and talk dirty. She tells her slave how sexy he is and how much she wants to look at his big dick. She loves to watch her slave masturbate. When he cums, she lets him cum all over her bare feet. She cums when his hot juices cover her feet.

When Katelyn Brooks wants to feel sexy, she puts on her sexy dress. She gets her make up on. What makes her feel even sexier is getting her feet manicured. She loves to feel her smooth skin. She touches and rubs her feel until they are smooth and pink. As soon as she is ready to go, she puts her feet in her slave's face so he can kiss and lick her soles.

There is nothing better than sitting down painting toe nails. This is a woman that loves the feeling she gets when she spreads her toes and starts to polish her nails. She can feel her pussy throb with excitement every time she dips the brush into the bottle. She loves the smell of the finger nail polish. When she paints her toes in the mirror, she enjoys her company even more.

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