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Princess Serena has a foot fetish. She likes to have her feet licked and today she made sure that her slave pampered her feet the way she wanted. She did not want to leave her house and go to the spa when she could have the spa taken to his place. She showed him what to do and she was sweetly surprised when he did everything the way she told him.

What more can you ask for as a foot fetish lover? Beautiful Italian babe wearing lovely new hig heel sandals. These are summer shoes and she wears them with pride. She really loves it when men look at her feet and lick her shoes. Are you interested in meeting her? She has no boyfriend but could really use one. All she demands is that you lick and kiss her feet once a week. That should not be too hard? Now should it?

When Amy wants her slave to cum, she talks dirty and uses her feet. As a treat to her slave, she will dress in lingerie and talk dirty. She tells her slave how sexy he is and how much she wants to look at his big dick. She loves to watch her slave masturbate. When he cums, she lets him cum all over her bare feet. She cums when his hot juices cover her feet.

When a woman is beautiful, she has to make sure she is completely beautiful. She loves to tease her fans with her beautiful toes. She knows they will do anything to get close to her. She makes sure she has soft skin and even the soles of her feet are kiss ready. She loves to make sure her toenails are painted and look good too. It turns her on to have her feet touched and looking pretty.

When she comes into the room, she wants her toes to be adored. As soon as she walks into the room, she lays across the bed and toes her black high heels off. When she gets her heels off, she shows her newly painted toes. She loves it when her slave licks and sucks her toes but he has to earn the right to lick and suck her sexy toes.

Hey slave, you are a lucky one today! Maybe you are allowed to smell and lick my feet today... This is a really huge privilege! But what do you think you can offer me to do so...? You are nothing more than a loser... Hmm, let's see... You can start with licking my heels clean again! Because you can not resist and will do whatever I like you to do, you immediately start to clean them with your tongue. After that you can...

I went shopping today and my feet are really tired! And my new boots get dirty a little bit too. So come a little bit closer and clean them again. After doing so you can please me something more and take care of my sweaty feet! The purpose of your life shall be taking care of me until there is nothing i miss. And you are going to do whatever i want you to do, don't you...!?

It was a long day for Lisa Jordan! She walked the whole day in her sandals so that her feet became dirty and sweaty. And now she wants to relax - but she wants her feet cleaned too! So YOU have to come and do the job! Lick all the sweat off her sexy toes and put your tongue between them too. How does it taste? Sweaty and salty? Do you like it...?

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