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Mistress Venus and her husband had a fallout. She had to make sure he learned his lesson and that everything went back to the way it was. He tried to beg for mercy when he realized the mistake was largely his. But she was not ready to forgive him until she had punished him. So she punished him using her foot fetish. She turned him into her footboy and got him to lick the soles of her feet which were sweaty and smelly.

This mistress hates losers. She does not like to associate with them and when this loser tried to associate with her, she knew she had to punish him in order for him not to do that in future. She had him lick her feet. She resorted to humiliating him with her bare feet because it was his first time doing it. If he repeated it, he would have to endure a harsher punishment.

Mistress Presley wanted to punish her slave for not cleaning her socks the way she wanted them cleaned. She found they were dirty and she made him lick them. She wanted him to lick them clean but because it was impossible, she forced him to smell them as well as chew them before she made him wash them till they were as clean as if they were brand new from the shop.

Helena loves to wear flip flops and sandals. That means that her feet usually get dusty and dirty. But she does not care since she knows a human dirt remover. She has losers and slaves whose work it is to make sure that she has clean feet. She makes them lick and smell her feet and even her sandals if she wants till they are spotlessly clean. If they don't she punishes them cruelly.

What more can you ask for as a foot fetish lover? Beautiful Italian babe wearing lovely new hig heel sandals. These are summer shoes and she wears them with pride. She really loves it when men look at her feet and lick her shoes. Are you interested in meeting her? She has no boyfriend but could really use one. All she demands is that you lick and kiss her feet once a week. That should not be too hard? Now should it?

As soon as Miss Deeane finds that her slave has a love of her feet, she teases him in a video. She strips down and paints her toes red. She records herself nude, but she only allows her feet to dominate the video. She shows her bare feet and spreads her toes. She is happy to move her foot around in the video because her slave can't get to her feet. She loves it, knowing he is frustrated.

When a woman is beautiful, she has to make sure she is completely beautiful. She loves to tease her fans with her beautiful toes. She knows they will do anything to get close to her. She makes sure she has soft skin and even the soles of her feet are kiss ready. She loves to make sure her toenails are painted and look good too. It turns her on to have her feet touched and looking pretty.

When she comes into the room, she wants her toes to be adored. As soon as she walks into the room, she lays across the bed and toes her black high heels off. When she gets her heels off, she shows her newly painted toes. She loves it when her slave licks and sucks her toes but he has to earn the right to lick and suck her sexy toes.

Estelle is a hot girlfriend of Lady Hanna! She was introduced to me because she has really hot feet! And as i saw them on my own i surely can admit this! Estelle lays down her feet on the desk and show you everything! First she took off her nice shoes and then she plays with her feet in front of the camera while smoking a cigarette. After some time she took of her socks and show you her naked feet - do you can smell her sweat? Do you want to suck them? I'm sure that it is what you like - so go on! But better do a good job to please her!

Lady Isabella knows that she has some really beautiful and sexy feet! And further she knows that you really like to feel the taste of her feet! So come on and do as you were ordered to. Look at this glorious feet. Take a deep breath and smell the sweat on them. And then lick them clean just with your tongue! You will like it! It will rob you of your breath! And because you can't resist you will pay again and again...!

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