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Goddess Victoria and her dirty nylons can be a real treat for slaves who are into smelly items. Some of her slaves are into fetishes that most are not, but she doesn't care because her ultimate goal is to be worshiped. She will allow her slaves to smell her feet even if they are sweaty and have been in a pair of high heels all day long, because she does not care.

Denise has really sexy feet that all of her slaves go completely nuts over. She has always had really pretty fee and she takes really good care of them, so they are very soft and smooth. When her slaves come to visit her, they must worship her feet if they are dirty and they can never say anything to her about the smell. Denise thinks it's really funny to see their face.

Saskia has sexy bare feet, but she got them all dirty so she can trample your face and make you lick all the dirt off of her feet and between her toes. She loves trampling your face and feeling your tongue against the soles of her feet as you lick them clean. If this humiliates you, that is good for Saskia because humiliation is what she gets off on almost every day.

Beautiful Goddess Jessica is tired from a long party where she stood all night in her stockings and got her feet all sweaty. Now that she is ready to relax. she wants you to kneel at her feet and lick the sweat off of them. She loves it when you worship her feet and when she teases and humiliates you, it's more fun than dancing at the party because she has a foot fetish.

Liberty is a hot redhead with perfect legs who knows how much you need a job, but she doesn't care. All she cares about is teasing you with her soft sexy legs and feet in your face so you will not be able to concentrate. All she has on her mind is your humiliation as she looks at you and waits for you to stare at her supple white legs and high heels.

Kneel before our feet you naughty foot slave. Worship our feet properly or suffer more humiliation. Lick our shoes completely clean then you may take them off so you can smell our bare feet. Even though our feet are dirty and sweaty, you must lick them and smell them because you are here to be our foot slave. Now smell our shoes with no regard for your own humiliation loser.

Sharon is a mistress that looks forward to all of the silly things she can do with her feet. She will not only tease her slave with her sneakers, but she will also remove her sneakers to expose a really dirty sock. She thinks it is funny to watch the slaves have to deal with her feet and sniffing the horrible odors she has as well.

Felicia is a mistress that needs a great deal of attention. She is a mistress that has been spoiled, so when she tells a slave to get on his knees and do what she wants, the slave better get on the ground fast. She could care less if the slave doesn't want to enjoy her dirty feet. The slave must clean and lick her feet no matter what.

Audrey is a hot mistress that loves her boots. She also thinks it is funny to show off her skills when it's time to demean a slave. A slave will find out that she is very hardcore and means business. Audrey also wears cute socks, but can't wait to show off her bare feet. She is so comfy with herself and her socks being so smelly.

Amelia is a mistress that has the worst feet ever. She is going to make her slave worship her feet, because she knows that they are so sexy. She has always been a girl that knows how to seduce a hot babe. Amelia is going to make her slave and anyone else around her worship the ground she walks on, because that is what this babe does.

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