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This mistress had not removed her shoes or her socks for close to two days and they were stinking. When she finally removed them at home, they were smelly. She did not care that they were smelling. She got her slave to lick her socks as well as her bare feet before she sent him away. She did not care what he felt. When he was done, she went and took a shower before retiring to bed.

Madame Svea was relaxing in her house when she decided to try foot fetish. She had not seen it anywhere. She just felt like it would be fun if she had someone lick her feet and suck her toes. She acted on that idea and she went and flirted with someone and took him to her house and had him lick her feet and suck her toes. It was wonderful and turned her on big time.

Mistress Magali was tired of being hit on by this guy. She finally decided to call him to her house and put an end to it once and for all. She made the guy lick her shoes from the soles up and she made him smell her smelly socks. She made sure she went for a run and she came back with smelly and sweaty feet, socks and shoes and she forced the guy to lick and smell them. That put him off and he never disturbed her again.

Noemi is relaxing at home trying to watch TV but her feet ache and she calls her slave over. She wants him to lick and massage them till they feel better

After a long day of partying, Noemi is happy to come home and put her feet up. Knowing that he has been bad, her slave begs for a chance to make up to her. She tells him to pleasure her feet and takes off her boots. Her slave is happy to put her sock covered feet in his face and smell. He takes her socks off and licks, sucks her toes. He helps his mistress relax and is rewarded with a treat.

She knows that her slave hates to be around her feet. She knows it and will use it as her severest form of punishment. After being told to buy her an expensive purse, she puts her dirty feet all over his face when he returns empty handed. She makes him smell her feet and she has no problem with making him lick the dirt and sweat from her bare feet.

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