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Ceara's foot had a wound which was healing but which needed to be cleaned. She wanted to torture her slave so she made him clean it with his tongue

Felicia was bored with her office work and decided to force her slave to massage her sweaty and smelly feet then lick them.

Jessica and her friend had had a long night. They had gone out and danced the night away. They were tired and sweaty. But they did not worry since their slave would lick all their sweat away starting with their stinky and sweaty feet

After a long day of partying, Noemi is happy to come home and put her feet up. Knowing that he has been bad, her slave begs for a chance to make up to her. She tells him to pleasure her feet and takes off her boots. Her slave is happy to put her sock covered feet in his face and smell. He takes her socks off and licks, sucks her toes. He helps his mistress relax and is rewarded with a treat.

She knows that her slave hates to be around her feet. She knows it and will use it as her severest form of punishment. After being told to buy her an expensive purse, she puts her dirty feet all over his face when he returns empty handed. She makes him smell her feet and she has no problem with making him lick the dirt and sweat from her bare feet.

When Jessica comes home, she normally lets her slave play with her feet. Today, she is feeling rather playful. She chains her slave close to her feet on the sofa and she dangles them in front of his face. She knows that he wants to rub his face into her feet and lick her soles but she won't let him. She reads, she plays on her tablet the entire time he is begging.

Kneel before our feet you naughty foot slave. Worship our feet properly or suffer more humiliation. Lick our shoes completely clean then you may take them off so you can smell our bare feet. Even though our feet are dirty and sweaty, you must lick them and smell them because you are here to be our foot slave. Now smell our shoes with no regard for your own humiliation loser.

When Adriana gets angry, she uses her feet. She loves to use her feet. As soon as her slave stops listening, she puts him on the floor. Then she starts to put her foot in his face. She knows that he doesn't like it so she does it as she tells him how worthless he is as a man. She loves to see his face turn red and for him to beg for mercy.

When Katelyn Brooks wants to feel sexy, she puts on her sexy dress. She gets her make up on. What makes her feel even sexier is getting her feet manicured. She loves to feel her smooth skin. She touches and rubs her feel until they are smooth and pink. As soon as she is ready to go, she puts her feet in her slave's face so he can kiss and lick her soles.

Look at this gorgeous young things bare feet in her stockings as she lies on the bed showing off her sexy feet. Go ahead and put your tongue on the soles and lick them all over. She wears her black corset showing off her beautiful breasts as she sticks her pretty feet covered in stockings in front of your face. Go ahead and masturbate while lick her sexy feet.

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