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The one thing about Amelia is she loves to watch her own videos. She has been making foot fetish videos for a very long time, and she has perfected the art. Her videos all contain material that is very hot erotic, and all of her material is also extremely graphic when it comes time to look at her feet and the slaves that worship her dirty feet no matter what.

Megan and her heels are really sexy and they also look terrific, but when she takes off her high heels it is a different story. Her shoes are going to leave her feet really sweaty and stinky, but she does not care because she has a loser slave that is going to come over and clean her feet. The slave must lick her feet clean and tell there is no more sweat.

This lovely mistress enjoys putting on a pair of solid boots, because she never knows when she is going to use her amazing trampling skills. Sometimes she will walk on things and items, and sometimes her trampling might just end up on the face of a slave. It doesn't matter to her because slaves are very useless and her opinion and they deserve nothing whatsoever from anyone, including her.

A mistress is going to put her feet in slaves face and she is not going to care one bit how bad her feet might smell. She has always gotten a terrific laugh at looking at slaves with her feet right on their face smashing with a horrible odor that would make most people gag. She is going to sit there and grin knowing that the slave has nowhere to go, and he must obey.

Goddess Victoria and her dirty nylons can be a real treat for slaves who are into smelly items. Some of her slaves are into fetishes that most are not, but she doesn't care because her ultimate goal is to be worshiped. She will allow her slaves to smell her feet even if they are sweaty and have been in a pair of high heels all day long, because she does not care.

Denise has really sexy feet that all of her slaves go completely nuts over. She has always had really pretty fee and she takes really good care of them, so they are very soft and smooth. When her slaves come to visit her, they must worship her feet if they are dirty and they can never say anything to her about the smell. Denise thinks it's really funny to see their face.

She knows that her slave hates to be around her feet. She knows it and will use it as her severest form of punishment. After being told to buy her an expensive purse, she puts her dirty feet all over his face when he returns empty handed. She makes him smell her feet and she has no problem with making him lick the dirt and sweat from her bare feet.

Katelyn put on some special sexy winter lingerie so she can tease you with her body while she holds her feet right up in your face. Her bare feet look so soft and supple as she scrunches them up and wiggles her toes in your face. She knows that you jerk off thinking about sticking your tongue between her toes and she likes that because it shows her dominance over you.

Saskia has sexy bare feet, but she got them all dirty so she can trample your face and make you lick all the dirt off of her feet and between her toes. She loves trampling your face and feeling your tongue against the soles of her feet as you lick them clean. If this humiliates you, that is good for Saskia because humiliation is what she gets off on almost every day.

Saskia is a cruel and dominating mistress who walked around everywhere in her bare feet so she could get them nice and filthy so you can lick them. She holds her dirty feet up right in your face so you can worship them and lick all the dirt off with your tongue. She loves this kind of teasing and humiliation because it makes her feel dominant when her feet are licked.

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