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Mistress Magali was tired of being hit on by this guy. She finally decided to call him to her house and put an end to it once and for all. She made the guy lick her shoes from the soles up and she made him smell her smelly socks. She made sure she went for a run and she came back with smelly and sweaty feet, socks and shoes and she forced the guy to lick and smell them. That put him off and he never disturbed her again.

Mistress Aleksandra is a hot teen. Unlike many girls her age, this mistress has developed tendencies and characters and fetishes of mistresses many years her senior. She has a foot fetish and enjoys it when her feet are licked, her toes sucked and when she can trample someone with her smelly feet. She looks innocent and has a nice smile and no one will ever suspect she does those things until one is a victim of hers.

Lady Ninush has you just where she wants you and she is going to use this opportunity to her advantage by stomping you out for fun. She is overweight, so you know that her feet smell worse than anything you have every smelled before in your life. She is barefoot so you can get all of the aromas that her sweat can produce. She is going to make you beg for mercy.

Rosalie is as hot as they come. She knew that her neighbor had a crush on her and she was sorry for him. She wanted to give him some attention but at the same time she wanted to have fun at his expense. So she called him and after chatting and leading him on for a while, she made him lick her socks and chew them and even smell them despite them being stinky.

Felicia caught her husband masturbating and she wanted to punish him. She always knew that he does it and did not mind. But it was the first time he knew she knew. So she pretended to be cross with him and wanted to punish him. She made him lick her socks and her feet. She made him smell the stinky socks as well as lick the smelly and stinky feet.

Angelica likes to wear boots. But sometimes her feet sweat while she is wearing them and she has to clean up. She hates doing that and that is why she likes to take advantage of losers. She knows they are losers and cannot score with hot girls like her so she makes them lick her feet clean and smell and lick her shoes because she is doing them a favor by giving them her attention.

Felicia was relaxing at home when the guy who had a crush on her came by. She made him entertain her by licking her feet and dirty socks

This mistress was exercising her feet for what they were about to do next - trample and humiliate a slave like never before

When Saskia wants to play with her slave, she does it with her boots on. She is happy to put her slave on the floor and trample his face. She doesn't hurt him but she doesn't hesitate to tap his face with her boot. She also stomps his face when she takes her boots off. She loves to walk all over him but tapping and stomping his face gives her great pleasure.

Delphy just turned 18 and she took a summer job where all she has to do is show her feet. She puts her socks in your face so you can smell them then she pulls her socks off. You can almost smell the sweat on her feet as she spreads her toes apart for you to lick them. She stretches her legs and wiggles her toes right in your face.

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