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Mistress Cassandra likes it when her feet are licked. But she had had it done for a long time and she wanted to try something else for a change. She decided to try having her shoes licked instead. She made her slave smell her shoes after she came from the gym. She also made him lick the shoes when they were both smelly and sweaty. She had even included a little dirt on them.

Goddess Saffron was not feeling like punishing her slave like usual. She wanted to do it in a way that would not make her tired. Usually she would trample him or do something of that sort. But today she was tired and wanted him to punish himself. So she made him lick and smell her sweaty and stinky feet. He was supposed to do the same to her high heels.

Mistress Nora Marinelli loves to have all kinds of fun. Today, she had a craving for a foot licking. She wore her open high heels and showed off her feet. She wanted a hot guy to do it for her so she used her charm and flirted with a hot guy she saw at the mall and went home with him. She made him lick her feet after lying to him that it was her fetish and that it made her horny.

This mistress was exercising her feet for what they were about to do next - trample and humiliate a slave like never before

Stella loves her feet. And she likes them to be pampered by her slaves. They are massages, washed with warm water and even licked by the slaves

Her feet were stinky and smelly. And she did not want to touch them. Luckily, her slave was near so she made him clean them

Lady Taina loves her feet so much she pampers them every time. But she had run out of things to pamper her feet with so she decided to use cash instead

Smoking hot babe is lounging on her couch staring at her own beautiful feet. She really loves her own feet. Now she takes of her socks and just sits there bare foot. Her toes and soles could do with a good slave who is not scared of licking some feet. It is one of the best experiences she ever had, when one of her slaves came over and licked her feet and toes. Now she just sits on the sofa fantasizing about having him come over again

Sexy Princess loves it when you stare at her feet. She is wearing her favorite socks especially for you. When she takes them off she wants you to lick her feet. It feels so good when a slave licks on your feet. It is her favorite thing in the world even better than sex. Even when her feet aren't washed yet her slaves have to start licking them. She puts her stinky feet in her slaves mouth.

When Adriana gets angry, she uses her feet. She loves to use her feet. As soon as her slave stops listening, she puts him on the floor. Then she starts to put her foot in his face. She knows that he doesn't like it so she does it as she tells him how worthless he is as a man. She loves to see his face turn red and for him to beg for mercy.

It turns Emily on when she gets her shoes off. She enjoys wearing her heels but when she takes them off, she rubs her feet against one another. She loves the feeling of her nylons rubbing against her skin. She rubs her feet and stretches her toes. As soon as she gets her feet comfortable, she feels her pussy getting drenched. She feels the sensations from her feet all the way to her pussy.

When she comes into the room, she wants her toes to be adored. As soon as she walks into the room, she lays across the bed and toes her black high heels off. When she gets her heels off, she shows her newly painted toes. She loves it when her slave licks and sucks her toes but he has to earn the right to lick and suck her sexy toes.

The gorgeous young thing Diene gives you an alks dirty to you and then shoves her sexy young bare feet right into your face. close view of her sexy bare feet as she shows you her hot soles and her pretty toes. You know you want to run your tongue all over those beautiful soles as she seductively shoves her pretty young bare feet right into you slave face.

Sexy brunette Sophia covers her sexy bare feet with the slaves preferred food. She plays with her food and her bare feet covering them in chocolate sauce and whipped cream making a mess of herself. She wants you to take your pathetic slave tongue and lick her sloppy bare feet clean of all of the cream and chocolate sauce. Make sure yo get those bare geet clean.

Immediately after my work out i'm going to use you as my toe licking slave! Maybe i'm a little bit sweaty but you will find out soon... First i put on a cigarette and enjoy watching you crawling in front of me. Then you are going to lick and suck my feet! First start with your tongue moving along my soles. Don't stop until you reach my toes! Then you have to suck them and swallow whatever you find between them...! Don't hesitate! Come on, foot licking bitch!

What is this...? Do you think we don't know what you are doing!? We realized days ago that some of our socks were missing! We know exactly that you are a foot fetishist! And we have video evidence to prove that. Don't try to deny! But don't worry, let's have some fun...! What do you think about these gorgeous feet? Come a little bit closer and just put out your tongue...! Can you stand this? Come on! Don't struggle anymore...!

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