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Mistress Cynthia and her friend April discovered that this loser was stalking them. They were pissed and they had to punish him. They punished him for stalking them by humiliating him. They pretended to like him and when he was hooked, they made him lick the soles of their dirty shoes. He licked them as good as they wanted to avoid being punished again by the mistresses because he knew what they were capable of.

Mistress Liberty was at liberty to humiliate her slave and she knew it. But she took it easy the way she normally does. She does not do it greedily. She waits for the appropriate time before she pounces. She told her slave what she wanted to do to him so that he had a picture of it all in his mind. Then she made him do it exactly as she had told him.

Mistress Presley has a foot fetish and she likes to use it to humiliate her slave and have fun at his expense. She came home with her feet dirty and her socks smelling and dirty too. She used them to humiliate this guy and make him lick and smell them. She did not give him an option. It was mandatory and he did it the way she instructed him to.

Mistress Cassandra likes it when her feet are licked. But she had had it done for a long time and she wanted to try something else for a change. She decided to try having her shoes licked instead. She made her slave smell her shoes after she came from the gym. She also made him lick the shoes when they were both smelly and sweaty. She had even included a little dirt on them.

Mistress Chelsea knew this guy had a thing for her. So she took advantage of it to have fun. She called him to her house and he came running. When he reached, the mistress lied to him how he had a foot fetish and loved it when her feet were licked and rubbed. She lied to him that it turned her on and the guy licked and rubbed her feet till he was tired before realizing she was making fun of her.

Mistress Cassandra has always had a foot fetish and she enjoys using it to humiliate and torture guys. Today she was bored and in an effort to look for something interesting to do, she called a loser she saw passing near her house and she made him lick her feet, her socks as well as her sneakers. The sneakers were dirty but he had no option but to lick them clean.

Mistress Wiktoria likes to do things her own way. Today she felt like humiliating her slave using her bare feet and that is what she did. She walked in her high heels and after a little while, she felt a strain on her feet and she made him rub her feet the way she wanted. However, deep down she knew she was looking for an excuse to have a foot rub.

Mistress Cynthia was relaxing in the house when she remembered she had not punished her slave for the mistake he had made the previous day. She called him to where she was and she made him lick her feet and rub them. The slave was lucky the mistress was not in the mood to torture or humiliate her slave. She decided to give him a small punishment just to let him know she had not forgotten.

Lady Elizabeth sent her slave to the shop and he took longer than she anticipated. She wanted whatever she had sent him urgently and she was pissed at his lateness. When he came back, she made him lick and smell her socks and her feet. She then had him massage her feet to her satisfaction before she let him go with a warning never to take more time than necessary whenever she sent her.

Mistress Morgan was embarrassed to find out her feet smelled. She did not feel like it was her fault but rather her slave's fault. She removed her shoes and made her slave lick the sweat and smell out of her feet. She also made him smell and lick her shoes. Then she made him clean them thoroughly so that they do not smell again if he did not want the same punishment.

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