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Sitting in her office, this mistress wanted to fire or punish an employee. She decided to give him a chance but had to punish him by making him lick her boots

This mistress is a no nonsense mistress. She instructed her slave how she wanted her shoes and feet licked and she told him to do exactly that or he'll face her wrath

This Chinese girl had many suitors. But she had a secret she used to select the best one - she wanted one who could lick her feet till she got a footgasm

Mia did not care who was watching. She was in the office and practising how she will trample her slave and get him to lick her feet

Victoria was in a bad mood. The only thing that could get her to feet better was getting her feet licked and massaged. And her slave was on hand to do it despite the fact that it was in public

Noemi is relaxing at home trying to watch TV but her feet ache and she calls her slave over. She wants him to lick and massage them till they feel better

Lisa Jordan was in a bad mood and her slave was in for it. She told him she wanted to do to him and then did it exactly as she had said

Leana wanted her slave to feel degraded. She was mad and wanted to punish him. She made him lick her feet and clean them with his tongue

She is a sadist. And she loves being known as one. Her slaves try never to upset her because the punishment is always cruel and severe

These girls were relaxing at home when it occurred to them that they had a slave whom they could humiliate. They made him sniff, smell and lick their dirty feet soles and socks

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