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Liberty knows how much you like her smelly and sweaty feet! So she will take an advantage of it! It was a long working day for her. When she comes back home she orders you to bow down and take her shoes off immediately. Then she presses your feet into you face and makes you to smell all the sweat. But that is not enough! Soon she wants you to lick her toes - clean them with your tongue!

Lady Steffi needs some new foot slaves! She will tell you what to do and you have to follow her orders. If you don't follow her orders immediately, she will punish you! Because it is your first time she will give a chance - a little one! Do you try you can handle it? Smell her lovely feet and lick them as you were told! And do a good job...!

Princess Fatale has some beautiful feet. With her feet she will hypnotize you and you cannot resist her. You want to smell them! You want to suck them! You will do everything to become her foot slave! And while you did not realize it you will fall deeper and deeper charmed by her. She will fuck your brain in no time, like you never felt it before in your useless life!

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