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Malina is a pretty mistress. She loves having fun and especially with her feet, She has a foot fetish and she enjoys doing different fun activities with her feet. Today she wanted her feet to be pampered. She never has to go to the spa to get that done because all she needs to do is to flirt with a guy and after teasing him a bit, she gets him to massage her.

Mistress Emily could not believe the fact that her slave had disobeyed her. He was supposed to be punished because he had never been punished before and he took things for granted. She could not let him go on like that so she crushed him with her bare feet and she whipped him. She wanted to punish him and ensure he would never have the guys to disobey her again.

Mistress Simona was tired. She had had a long day and she needed some rest. She knew that if she had a foot massage, it would make the process even faster and she would be asleep in no time. So she removed her shoes and she had her slave lick her feet and smell her socks before she made him massage her feet. The massage was so good she slept on the couch.

Mistress Stacy wanted to show her slave that she was not one to mess with. She is the kind of person who makes sure that she punishes a slave once and for all. So she made her slave lick her feet and then monitored to see what effect it had on him. She wanted to gauge whether he needed more punishment than that but she realized he had understood and she did not need to add the punishment.

Mistress Harley is as hot as they come. She has curves in all the right places and she knows how to tease and flirt. She is easy on the eye and she has big tits and a big ass to boot. Today she wanted this guy to lick her feet which she had made sure were sweaty and smelly. She did not have to force him to do it. She flirted with him and he did it willingly.

Mistress Jenna was not in a good mood. She realized that her slave had done what she did not ask him to do and in the process he had messed some things up. Nothing could be done about it at the present so she made sure that no one would have the kind of access he had. She punished him by making him lick her sweaty as well as stinky feet.

Princess Anastasia found out her feet were smelly and instead of going to the bathroom to wash them, she decided to use them to humiliate her slave. She had him lick her sweaty and smelly feet. He did and when he was done, she made him do it again and again telling him that he did not do it as well as she wanted. The slave learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Aleksandra discovered about foot fetish and she had to try it. She had to use it to have fun at the expense of her slave. She was not amused by what he had done and she had to teach him a lesson. She stepped on dirty water and she made sure her feet were dirty before she went to the guy and she made him lick her feet clean.

Lady Krasaviza was sweetly surprised when she learned that her slave had done something thoughtful for her. She had planned to punish him because of something he had done earlier. But because of what she had found out, she let him go. She had planned to humiliate him using her bare feet in order to teach him a lesson. But now she let it go and did not pursue it.

Lady Loryelle does many things with her feet. She has fun with them and she also uses them to punish and humiliate. She likes to have them rubbed well and it makes her have a great time. But when she is pissed, she likes using the feet by trampling a slave or a loser or even having them lick the feet when they are sweaty or smelly. It always works.

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