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Monique and Victoria wanted their feet cleaned but they did not want to do the cleaning themselves. The slave had to lick their feet clean

Isabelle and Victoria are naughty mistresses. They cheated a guy that they wanted to have fun with him and ended up humiliating him by making him lick their sweaty and smelly feet

Felicia had given her slave instructions which he did not carry out as told. She punished him by making him lick her sweaty feet and stinky socks

Jessica and her friend had had a long night. They had gone out and danced the night away. They were tired and sweaty. But they did not worry since their slave would lick all their sweat away starting with their stinky and sweaty feet

Liberty was relaxing at home when she found out about foot fetishes. She became interested and decided to also humiliate her slave with her sweaty feet

Victoria and Bianca had spent a lot of time outsiders. Their feet stunk and had a lot of sweat. But they did not worry because they had a slave to lick them clean

Valeria is a pretty mistress that has horrible feet. She has always had a problem with the smell of her feet, but this time her feet are smelling worse than they ever have before. She is going to invite a slave over, so that he is able to suck the smell right out of her feet. If he does not do this right, she is going to humiliate him.

These two lovely women are having a talk and hanging out together. They have decided it's time to call up a slave to see which one can come over the quickest. Their goal is to have one of the slaves come over so that he is able to clean their feet and their dirty sweaty nylons. They already know they are going to brutalize and humiliate the slave as well.

Zora is back to trampling again, but this time she is going to practice being sadistic and brutal. She loves to inflict pain on others, and she loves to make her slaves feel as though they are nothing more than a speck of dirt on the ground. She can't wait to treat her slaves like crap and make family can clean her feet no matter how dirty they might be.

Carolyn is a really attractive mistress that loves to work out on a regular basis. She loves to wear socks and she also has matching sneakers every time. She is going to come home after a long work out, and her feet are going to smell really bad. She will invite a slave over, because he already knows the drill. He must cleaned her feet till they pass her inspection.

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