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A mistress is going to put her feet in slaves face and she is not going to care one bit how bad her feet might smell. She has always gotten a terrific laugh at looking at slaves with her feet right on their face smashing with a horrible odor that would make most people gag. She is going to sit there and grin knowing that the slave has nowhere to go, and he must obey.

Goddess Victoria and her dirty nylons can be a real treat for slaves who are into smelly items. Some of her slaves are into fetishes that most are not, but she doesn't care because her ultimate goal is to be worshiped. She will allow her slaves to smell her feet even if they are sweaty and have been in a pair of high heels all day long, because she does not care.

Denise has really sexy feet that all of her slaves go completely nuts over. She has always had really pretty fee and she takes really good care of them, so they are very soft and smooth. When her slaves come to visit her, they must worship her feet if they are dirty and they can never say anything to her about the smell. Denise thinks it's really funny to see their face.

After a long day of partying, Noemi is happy to come home and put her feet up. Knowing that he has been bad, her slave begs for a chance to make up to her. She tells him to pleasure her feet and takes off her boots. Her slave is happy to put her sock covered feet in his face and smell. He takes her socks off and licks, sucks her toes. He helps his mistress relax and is rewarded with a treat.

After a long day of work, Jenny Nina knows that she has to get off her feet. She has on her favorite leopard print socks with her boots. She comes home and tells her slave to come to her. She puts her feet in front of him and she tells him to put his face to her feet and smell. She knows the socks are disgusting but she makes him do it anyway because she loves the heat from his face on her aching feet.

Lady Silvi normally doesn't allow her slaves to touch her feet but when she finds that her slave has abnormally hot hands, she calls him to her. She tells him that he is her new foot slave and that she wants constant pleasure. She waves her feet in the air, daring him to catch them and heat them with his hands and mouth. She feels the heat from him all the way up to her pussy and she loves it.

When Carol Ann says that she is looking for a slave, she normally has several men vying for the position. She has learned to give them an interview to find the one she wants. This time she wants a foot slave so she orders the potential slaves to their needs and makes them service her feet. She takes off her shoes and tells them to make her cum with their foot service.

When Mistress Katja wants to have her feet serviced, she finds a slave to train. She sits in her favorite chair and calls him to her. She orders him to take off her boots and smell her feet. She knows they stink from being sweaty and hot in her boots but she wants him to smell them. Then she wants him to lick and massage her feet through her tights until they feel better.

When Saskia wants to play with her slave, she does it with her boots on. She is happy to put her slave on the floor and trample his face. She doesn't hurt him but she doesn't hesitate to tap his face with her boot. She also stomps his face when she takes her boots off. She loves to walk all over him but tapping and stomping his face gives her great pleasure.

She knows that her slave hates to be around her feet. She knows it and will use it as her severest form of punishment. After being told to buy her an expensive purse, she puts her dirty feet all over his face when he returns empty handed. She makes him smell her feet and she has no problem with making him lick the dirt and sweat from her bare feet.

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