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She knows that her slave hates to be around her feet. She knows it and will use it as her severest form of punishment. After being told to buy her an expensive purse, she puts her dirty feet all over his face when he returns empty handed. She makes him smell her feet and she has no problem with making him lick the dirt and sweat from her bare feet.

When Jessica comes home, she normally lets her slave play with her feet. Today, she is feeling rather playful. She chains her slave close to her feet on the sofa and she dangles them in front of his face. She knows that he wants to rub his face into her feet and lick her soles but she won't let him. She reads, she plays on her tablet the entire time he is begging.

Cassandra has been shopping all day and her feet are killing her because they are sore and sweaty from walking around everywhere. She wants you to worship her feet and lick her high heels before taking them off and sucking all the sweat off of her feet through her stockings. She is such a tease as she wiggles her cute little toes around in her smelly nylons to make you horny.

Katelyn put on some special sexy winter lingerie so she can tease you with her body while she holds her feet right up in your face. Her bare feet look so soft and supple as she scrunches them up and wiggles her toes in your face. She knows that you jerk off thinking about sticking your tongue between her toes and she likes that because it shows her dominance over you.

Saskia has sexy bare feet, but she got them all dirty so she can trample your face and make you lick all the dirt off of her feet and between her toes. She loves trampling your face and feeling your tongue against the soles of her feet as you lick them clean. If this humiliates you, that is good for Saskia because humiliation is what she gets off on almost every day.

Saskia is a cruel and dominating mistress who walked around everywhere in her bare feet so she could get them nice and filthy so you can lick them. She holds her dirty feet up right in your face so you can worship them and lick all the dirt off with your tongue. She loves this kind of teasing and humiliation because it makes her feel dominant when her feet are licked.

Beautiful Goddess Jessica is tired from a long party where she stood all night in her stockings and got her feet all sweaty. Now that she is ready to relax. she wants you to kneel at her feet and lick the sweat off of them. She loves it when you worship her feet and when she teases and humiliates you, it's more fun than dancing at the party because she has a foot fetish.

Svenja has come to tease you with her sexy high heels and her long creamy legs in nylons. She looks so beautiful in her cream colored stockings as she looks you in the eye. She wants you to smell her foot to see what it smells like after walking around all day. They look extra soft in her nylons and she loves when you worship her awesome legs and feet.

Stella lounges around outside and she knows you are watching. Her form of domination is teasing as she puts her soft, sexy legs up on her settee and wiggles her feet around so you can imagine cumming on her sexy feet. She sits there smoking and looking sexy and all you can do is watch. She will tease you all she wants but you can never touch. She's out of your league.

Liberty is a hot redhead with perfect legs who knows how much you need a job, but she doesn't care. All she cares about is teasing you with her soft sexy legs and feet in your face so you will not be able to concentrate. All she has on her mind is your humiliation as she looks at you and waits for you to stare at her supple white legs and high heels.

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