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Goddess Belle went ahead and she made sure her feet were smelly so that she could use them to dominate this slave. She wanted to find out whether he was able to do what she wanted even if it was not something pleasant. So the mistress had him lick as well as smell her feet despite them being smelly as well sweaty. He learned to obey her at all times.

Lady Fenja wanted to find out what the issue with this loser was but she hit a dead end as he did not cooperate with her. So she chose to do things her own way and she did this by forcing him to lick her smelly feet. He had no choice but to do the things that the mistress wanted and that she had ordered him to do. He changed.

Mistress Lena loves to punish people who mess with her and this loser was one of them. So she went ahead and she made her feet into a punishment tool. The loser who had messed with her had no idea what was coming to her. He found himself licking her fee6 after being trampled by the mistress. Needless to say, he learned his lesson the hard way and never messed with her again.

Mistress Mayhem lived near the street so she went and sat on her stairs and she would randomly entice guys to go to where she was. She would then make those who came lick her feet and a few of them actually agreed while the others ran away as fast as they could when they found out what she wanted them to do. All in all, she had a great time.

Mistress Lana was bored at home and she had to find a way to pass time. She checked out what to do online and she settled on foot fetish. She had a great time trampling this loser and in no time, she had even forgotten that she was bored. She knew that it was going to be something she would do for a long time as it did not take much effort but it was fun.

Mistress Luna wanted to try foot fetish as she had never done before. She loved the foot fetish videos she had seen and she had to try it out. So she lured this loser in her neighborhood to her home and she made him lick her feet and endure her trampling. He did not mind as she had beautiful feet and they were not dirty or smelly. In addition, he was able to check out her sexy thighs.

Mistress Claudia did not like how careless her boyfriend was and she had to make him change if she was to continue being with him. So she used an easy punishment to change him. The mistress soiled her feet and then she made him lick them clean. They were sweaty and smelly as well as dirty but he had to lick them until they were as clean as she wanted.

This guy thought that he knew it all but lady Ayse showed him how he did not know anything. She had a great time torturing and humiliating him using her boots and she did the same using her cigarette. He was humiliated and he wanted to cry but she did not let him cry. She warned him of dire consequences if he shed even one tear. He tried his best not to cry.

Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to try some naughty stuff but she was not ready to use her pussy to do it. So she chose to use her feet to do them so that she could get a feel of whether it was worth it for her to use her pussy for the same stuff. The mistress enjoyed herself so much that she knew she had to try those things with her pussy.

This mistress did not have a slave to dominate or humiliate. And she was bored out of her freaking mind. So she chose to use her feet to pass time. She had watched videos of foot fetish and she tried it as she went shopping. The mistress tried to use her feet to flirt and even to scare. What she found easiest was to flirt as she had sexy feet.

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