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Morgane is a brunette mistress that has great style and class, but she lacks in one department. Her feet are horrible, and she is proud of it. She never gets bummed out about the condition of her feet. She will make her slave clean and lick on her feet as she is laughing about how pathetic they are. She is so mean and cruel.

Lady Eleonore is a mistress that walks on her feet all day long. She will get bumps on them from time to time, but she doesn't mind. She will just have her loser slave rub her feet once she is done so that they are able to start feeling better. Lady Eleonore is one babe of a mistress that loves her high heels no matter what.

Jackie is a mistress that loves to do many things. One of them is doing yoga in her socks. She is going to get her socks really dirty, but she won't stop there. After her workout, she is going to make her slave get on the ground to sniff her dirty socks and even place his mouth on her socks after she has worked out in them.

Alegra has been known to think outside of the box, but she is going to take things to a new level. She is going to force her slave on the ground, because he needs to know what the bottom of her foot is going to look like. She hates her slave and feels like he needs to lick and clean up anything on her feet no matter what.

A brunette babe is going to have some fun with one of her slaves by acting like he is so boring to her. She is also making him stare at her feet, because she knows that her feet make him feel dirty. She is a rare mistress with a new level of teasing and humiliation, but that is what makes her so interesting to all of her slaves.

There is nothing hotter than watching Sofie tease her slave. Her feet are better than anything in the whole world, and she knows this. Sofie can make her slave go totally wild with eagerness to touch her perfection. She is a top of the line mistress with sex appeal that makes all men go wild just to be in the same room as her. She is so sexy.

Amy is a mistress that loves her feet, but there is also many people that love her feet too. She is a very sexy mistress that loves to show all of her slaves what a true foot fetish is like. She looks good, but her feet look better. She is going to make her slaves clean her feet as she looks on laughing at how stupid they are.

A mistress will make sure her slave is well trained in making sure she treats her feet well. She will make her slave not only clean her feet, but she also wants them to be well oiled. She thinks it's funny to tease her slave and make him feel like a huge loser when he is on the ground servicing her feet to make them perfect.

Princess Jenny is like a queen on top of the world most of the time. She has never been one to turn down anything, and she knows just how sexy she really is. She is going to smoke a cigarette, but she won't stop there. She likes to show her slaves the bottom of her boots so she can laugh when she is doing her stomping action.

Goddess Victoria is a mistress that loves to be in her pretty nylons. She also loves to show off her heels, but the best part about this entire outfit is how hot she looks and her feet. She has the sexiest feet ever, and she knows that. Her slaves all have feet fetishes, so she can get a great deal of amusement in a single day.

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