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Miss Taylor is a mistress that loves to be very pretty and also treat her toesnails the same way. Her slave's all have a love for her feet and her toes. She is going to paint them, and make them look really nice. She wants to get the attention of her slave by making her toes a very bold shade of blue. She is too sexy.

Dominant Lilly and her feet are going to cause a great deal of destruction. She is going to not only show off her sexy feet, but she is going to get really brutal too. She is going to use her socks as a weapon, but she will also use her bare feet and stomp on her slave. She is a mistress that thinks slaves are nothing more than shit.

Sweetbaby is a mistress that loves to be naughty, but also very sneaky. She is going to put on her favorite pair of tennis shoes, because she is going to tease her slave with the bottom of her sneaker. She thinks its funny when she teases and also makes her slave aware of what she has done recently in her sneakers to be humiliating and bad.

Princess Melena is a very sexy mistress that loves to show off her amazing feet to her slaves that appreciate her sexy toes. However, she also loves to suck on her own toes and even spit on them. It will make her slave go wild looking at her toes, but she also is a huge tease and takes pride in being one of the best mistresses around.

Megan is a mistress that has amazing feet. Her feet are so hot that her slaves go nuts when she is wearing heels. She put on her heels to make her slave go wild to the point that her slave is begging to lick and suck on her toes. She is such a hardcore mistress with a great foot fetish to die for and so do her slaves.

A sister is going to show off her sexy feet or just show them off in general. She knows her slaves love her feet and think that she should show them off more often. She will make her slave look at her dirty feet, but she might even make them lick her toes and sniff the bottoms of her feet. She is a very dominating slave.

Smoking hot babe is lounging on her couch staring at her own beautiful feet. She really loves her own feet. Now she takes of her socks and just sits there bare foot. Her toes and soles could do with a good slave who is not scared of licking some feet. It is one of the best experiences she ever had, when one of her slaves came over and licked her feet and toes. Now she just sits on the sofa fantasizing about having him come over again

Dominant female has need for a slave. This wonderful Mistress is polishing her nails when she gets a brilliant idea. Why not call over a slave and have him lick your toes. Licking feet is one of the most humiliating experiences for a slave. But I guess that is why she loves it so much. For now though she just sits in th bathroom quietly polishing her nails. Making sure her sexy feet look awesome by the time her slave comes over

Blonde Mistress loves getting attention because of her beautiful sexy feet. She is looking for a slave that can come over to lick her dirty stinky feet. She could just go have a shower and was her feet. But what fun would that be when you could humiliate a slave by having him lick your dirty soles. Especially her big toe loves getting sucked on. Luckily for us she uploads all her vids to the internet. So we can enjoy watching slaves getting humiliated

Sexy feet need loving too. She takes of her shoes and exposes her naked feet. All she needs now is a slave to lick them. Why is her slave not here yet? Once he arrives she will make sure to put him trough extra humiliation for not showing up on time. He will be sucking and licking on her feet and toes for hours and hours. Her sexy feet deserve this kind of treatment.

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