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This mistress was conducting online interviews for people she wanted to be her new slaves. She enjoyed the various responses and picked a few people

These mistresses want to humiliate their slave. They made him lick their dirty, sweaty and smelly feet till they were clean and smell free

Her feet were stinky and smelly. And she did not want to touch them. Luckily, her slave was near so she made him clean them

Lydia is a hot mistress. And she knows it. She likes to use her hot looks to humiliate guys. This time she was having a slave lick and suck her feet and toes

Sophia looks weak, but she's a cruel mistress. She likes to use her feet as her weapon of choice. She makes them lick her dirty and smelly feet, socks and shoes

This Chinese girl has a foot fetish. She was waiting for her slave to come and lick her feet and suck her toes. She kept exercising them while waiting for him

Ceara's foot had a wound which was healing but which needed to be cleaned. She wanted to torture her slave so she made him clean it with his tongue

Lady Taina loves her feet so much she pampers them every time. But she had run out of things to pamper her feet with so she decided to use cash instead

Valeria wanted a new slave. So she had an interview for a new one. To pass, one had to lick her sweaty and stinky feet clean. Attractive packages awaited the winner

Lisa Jordan does not like people to mess with her feet. This loser stepped on her and she made him lick and massage her feet for an hour

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