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Mistress Zephy had an issue with her husband and she had to make sure she sorted it out. She did not like how he had been taking advantage of her busy schedule. She had to make him learn to toe the line and he did it as she cruelly trampled him and humiliated him for all the wrongs he had done. That is when he realized she was not as harmless as he had thought she was.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was not in the mood to mess around. She felt that she had to punish this loser and that is what she did at the end of the day. The mistress took out her sandals and she used them as a weapon to punish this loser. He had to endure being trampled by them and when she was done doing so, she made him lick them as well.

Lady Dominika had beef with this guy and she ensured that she tortured him for fun. The mistress went ahead to turn him into a human trampoline and she ensured he was in pain. But after she was done trampling him, the mistress had him lick her bare feet and do other humiliating things as she laughed at him. She was sure he had learned what she wanted him to learn.

This guy was horny and he wanted to fuck mistress Kinky but she was not in a position to agree to that as she was on her period. Instead of agreeing to it, the mistress chose to use her sexy and soft feet to give him a footjob. The guy was shocked by that move as it was unexpected but he loved it as she seemed to be an expert at what she was doing.

Lady Fenja does not like to be ignored but that is what this loser did and she had no choice but to teach him never to do that again. The mistress felt that the best way to deal with him was to use her feet to trample him as well as require him to lick them clean. The feet were sweaty and smelly but he had no choice in licking them.

When this guy forgot mistress Jenny's name, that was an invitation for her to do something she had never done before. She did not hesitate to torture him with her bare feet and he had to not only be trampled, but she also had to make him lick her feet clean. He never forgot anyone's name because he was not sure how they would react if he forgot their name.

Goddess Grazi and her friend wanted to try foot fetish so they flaunted their sexy feet which had tattoos on them and had sexy nail polish on them. They recorded everything they did and it was a turn on for them as they had a great time. It actually exceeded their expectations and they had more fun than they had expected to have when they first had the idea to do it.

This mistress loves to smoke. She was not going to waste her precious time and her precious cigarette on this loser but she made him think so. He thought that she was interested in turning him into a human ashtray and he got scared. But all she wanted was to scare him and make him a foot slave which she managed to do as he thought it was an easier punishment as opposed to being a human ashtray.

Mistress Sophia wanted to show her friend that she was not going to let him get away with the mistake he had made. It was the second time he was making the same mistake and she felt that it was time to tame him. So she did so using her flip flops which she used to scare him and to make him do the humiliating things she wanted him to do.

Mistress Delvia had always wanted to try foot fetish but she had never gotten the chance to do it. She felt that today she had that chance as she was punishing this guy for pissing her off. So she turned the guy into a foot slave and had him lick and pamper her feet according to her instructions and he had to do all she told him out of fear.

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