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Goddess Lena had a pair of old and stinky sneakers and she used them to dominate and to humiliate this loser. The mistress did not have a reason why she wanted to dominate the guy other than she wanted to see how he would react. So she made him smell her socks before she stuck her sneaker on his face covering his mouth and his nose. It was humiliating and cruel.

Princess Nicole wanted an attentive slave and she realized that this guy was not it. She was pissed at him and she had to make sure that he never did any of that shit again. He had to learn to be attentive. So she made him learn that by forcing him to lick her bare feet and warning him that she would crush his nuts if he did not. He had no choice.

Mistress Dana wanted to make this guy cum. He had a fetish for feet and she used her gorgeous feet to turn him on. When he saw how sexy her feet were, he wanted to fuck them. But she did not let him. Instead, the naughty mistress just had the guy watch as she teased him and she went ahead to give him jerk-off instructions which he used to cum.

Princess Mih had a problem with her boyfriend. She did not want to talk to him but she wanted him to understand her. So she used her feet to talk to him. The mistress gave him the silent treatment and when he tried to talk to him, she responded using her feet. He had a problem understanding what she wanted him to understand. But she did not care about what he understood or did not.

Lady Cat wanted to try flirting with her feet. She has sexy feet and she wanted them to be the focal point of her flirting and so she made them. She did not bother with showing off her ass or her titties. She wanted her feet to turn on a guy virtually and that is what ended up doing. She also used a little bit of naughty talk to seal the deal.

Lady Shay shocked her servant when she asked him to lick her feet. He had never been asked to do such a thing before and he had not even made any mistake but he had to do it. He knew that he could not disobey her and that if he did, there was no telling what she was capable of doing. So he swallowed his pride and he licked her feet.

Mistress Tiffany was bored in the house and to make sure that she was not bored any longer, she chose to use her foot fetish to pass time. The mistress went to her backyard and she soiled her feet as she walked through her watered garden. She actually had fun doing it and she recorded it so that she could watch it afterward. As she did so, she felt that would be a good way to punish anyone who ever messed with her.

When this mistress found that her slave was used to doing things that were not agreeable to her, she had to send a message. Since this was the first time, she chose to give him a light punishment. So she got him to lick her feet and warned him of trampling him before she left. The slave got the message and he changed the way she wanted him to change.

Lady Susan wanted to reward her slave because he had done something that pleased her. The mistress wanted to do something worthwhile for him but without spending too much energy doing it. The mistress got him to check out her hot legs and she let him lick and smell her feet because he had told her he had a foot fetish. The slave loved it and thanked her for it.

Mistress Elena wanted to find out whether this guy was good at licking feet. She wanted to know whether he was so that she could get him to be licking and rubbing her feet. That is because he had said he had a fetish for sexy feet and she figured it was going to be something mutual for both of them. And she was right as he turned out to be good and they both enjoyed it.

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