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It turns Emily on when she gets her shoes off. She enjoys wearing her heels but when she takes them off, she rubs her feet against one another. She loves the feeling of her nylons rubbing against her skin. She rubs her feet and stretches her toes. As soon as she gets her feet comfortable, she feels her pussy getting drenched. She feels the sensations from her feet all the way to her pussy.

When she comes into the room, she wants her toes to be adored. As soon as she walks into the room, she lays across the bed and toes her black high heels off. When she gets her heels off, she shows her newly painted toes. She loves it when her slave licks and sucks her toes but he has to earn the right to lick and suck her sexy toes.

Hey you little foot licker slave! I am the maid in this house - and I do whatever I like to do! And I can see it in your eyes that you LOVE my feet! Do you want to touch them? Do you want to lick my soft soles? You are a really lucky guy! Today I allow you do be my feet licking slave! Just put out your tongue and lick away the whole sweat...!

Look at this gorgeous young things bare feet in her stockings as she lies on the bed showing off her sexy feet. Go ahead and put your tongue on the soles and lick them all over. She wears her black corset showing off her beautiful breasts as she sticks her pretty feet covered in stockings in front of your face. Go ahead and masturbate while lick her sexy feet.

Seductive young Hanna always get whatever she wants. First she shows you her old pair of skate shoes which are extremely smelly because of the summer heat. Then she wiggles her little toes inside her stinky socks and orders you to start masturbating in front of her. After taking off both of her socks she orders you to come closer and lick her bare feet while you continue to masturbate yourself.

The Sweet 20 yo Alicia will take off her boots and socks for you to show you her bare sexy young feet. She seductively takes off her black shoes and then her sweaty white socks before exposing her gorgeous young feet. She has nice smooth young feet that are in a need of a good tongue bath. The Sweet 20 yo Alicia wants you to lick her sexy feet.

The gorgeous young thing Diene gives you an alks dirty to you and then shoves her sexy young bare feet right into your face. close view of her sexy bare feet as she shows you her hot soles and her pretty toes. You know you want to run your tongue all over those beautiful soles as she seductively shoves her pretty young bare feet right into you slave face.

Sexy brunette Sophia covers her sexy bare feet with the slaves preferred food. She plays with her food and her bare feet covering them in chocolate sauce and whipped cream making a mess of herself. She wants you to take your pathetic slave tongue and lick her sloppy bare feet clean of all of the cream and chocolate sauce. Make sure yo get those bare geet clean.

Sexy Helena teases you with her soles as she sits on top of the bed showing off her dirty bottoms of her bare feet. She has some nice long feet and you know you want to lick her dirty soles and her toes clean. She has some naughty soles that are ready for a good tongue bath. Get on your hands and knees and lick her sexy soles.

Rachel knows that you are a foot licking slave! And she wants to take an advantage of it. She walked the whole day and in her tight shoes and needs some rest now. And because she knows of your fetish she orders you to treat her feet well. First you can start with taking off her shoes. Do you already can smell her sweaty socks? It feels much better without the shoes but she still needs lot of more attention! She wants you to lick her soles. Start from the bottom and continue until you reach her toes. Then put every single toe into your mouth and suck them all! Now she feels relaxed again...

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