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Cleara Lynch is a drop dead gorgeous girl next door with long dark hair and an achingly cute face. She smiles at you as you stare at her soft feet and legs. She wiggles her pretty feet in your face and wants you to lick all the dirt off the soles. She knows you will worship her feet all day just to be close to her. You polish her feet with your tongue and touch her legs.

Lady Mistery is asleep in bed, but she knows you are coming in to worship her feet while she sleeps. She makes sure to leave them sticking out from under the covers. You come up and start licking all the dirt and sweat off her bare feet and toes. She wiggles her feet and it turns you on even more. You rub your cock on her feet and cum all over them.

Hot blonde foot fetish queen Jackie wants you to worship her feet. She wants you to start with some shoelicking. Lick all the dirt off the soles of her high heels then take them off so you can lick the sweat off her bare feet. She wants you to put your tongue between her toes and suck all of the sweat off of them to satisfy her foot fetish.

Elisa got a job at a restaurant to put herself through school. She walked in her socks and shoes all day and got her feet all dirty and sweaty. She takes her shoes off outdoors and she has some sexy stockings on. She wants you to sniff the stockings that are full of sweat. She takes off the stockings so you can polish all the sweat off her bare feet with your tongue.

Hello there. Are you my new slave? Good, then I won't waste time. My bare legs and feet are exposed for you to touch. I put my soft, warm toes in your face and you start licking the soles of my sexy bare feet. I wiggle my toes because it feels good and my sexy legs tense up. You run your hand up and down my soft, warm leg as you suck my toes.

Anna is a stunning and sweet looking 18 year old bombshell with the most supple feet you have ever seen. She sits on a bench outdoors and models her feet and legs for you. She wants you to put your fingers and your tongue between her pink toes and run your tongue up and down her perfect pink soles. This gorgeous teen is so tasty sitting in the son letting you worship her feet.

Vanessa is a gorgeous 19 year old redhead with perfect legs and perfect feet. She looks so soft all over and she loves it when you adore her feet. She wore extra short shorts so you could see all of her legs as you lick her soft, warm soles and toes. You know you could stare at those feet all day and never get tired of touching them and licking them.

Come closer slave. I can see you staring at my soft and supple feet. Yes they are just as soft as they look. Here, I will put them in your face. I see your cock is getting hard so I want you to put it between my feet. I rub my soft toes all over your cock and it gets even harder. I want you to cum all over my feet.

Cleara is a petite, fresh faced girl with big tits and she knows she can use what she has to get her slave to do whatever she wants him to do. He is mesmerized by her beauty as she pulls him around by a leash and forces him to worship her feet and kiss her perfect ass. She pulls his chain and humiliates him with forced shoelicking and makes him lick her bare feet.

Felicia was relaxing at home when the guy who had a crush on her came by. She made him entertain her by licking her feet and dirty socks

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