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Zora is back to trampling again, but this time she is going to practice being sadistic and brutal. She loves to inflict pain on others, and she loves to make her slaves feel as though they are nothing more than a speck of dirt on the ground. She can't wait to treat her slaves like crap and make family can clean her feet no matter how dirty they might be.

Carolyn is a really attractive mistress that loves to work out on a regular basis. She loves to wear socks and she also has matching sneakers every time. She is going to come home after a long work out, and her feet are going to smell really bad. She will invite a slave over, because he already knows the drill. He must cleaned her feet till they pass her inspection.

Jessica has always been really great at relaxing with her girlfriends after a long night of partying. She is about to find out that her nylon smell horrible, but she does not care because she has a special slave that will come over to wherever she might be and lick them clean her feet and told they are perfectly normal again. That is how demanding and dominating she is.

Denise has a lovely pair of pink boots, but she also is wearing a pair of really fluffy socks underneath. The two combined make her feet really sweaty and stinky, but she does not care because her slave is soon to arrive and he is going to be forced to clean her feet no matter how gross they might be. She is deeply amused by her slave and how gross he really is.

Amelia is a lady that has a wonderful time wearing her leopard print socks. When she takes off her socks, there is a horrible odor that most people would get sick from. She is laughing because she knows there is going to be a slave that will be licking her toes soon enough. She is going to smother the slave and her gross feet as she is laughing in his face.

A slave is going to find out what it is like to be double teamed by two women that find sweaty dirty feet to be very attractive. The slave may not like the feet, but the women do not care what he says or does. The goal is to get their feet clean even if it means the slave might throw up from all of the stinky feet sweat all over his face.

The one thing about Goddess Victoria is when she puts on a pair of socks, they are never going to be clean for long. She loves to be very active so keeping a pair of socks clean is a really tough job, but she doesn't care because that is what all of her slaves are for. She makes each one of her slaves clean her feet and her socks till she is happy with the results.

This pretty mistress has really cute little feet that all of her slaves the door. She thinks her feet are okay looking, but she does not mind having her slaves come and worship her feet. She always is sure that her feet are really sweaty and gross, so that when her slaves arrived she has a delightful treat just for them. She loves having her feet worshiped.

The one thing about Amelia is she loves to watch her own videos. She has been making foot fetish videos for a very long time, and she has perfected the art. Her videos all contain material that is very hot erotic, and all of her material is also extremely graphic when it comes time to look at her feet and the slaves that worship her dirty feet no matter what.

Megan and her heels are really sexy and they also look terrific, but when she takes off her high heels it is a different story. Her shoes are going to leave her feet really sweaty and stinky, but she does not care because she has a loser slave that is going to come over and clean her feet. The slave must lick her feet clean and tell there is no more sweat.

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