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Felicia is a mistress that needs a great deal of attention. She is a mistress that has been spoiled, so when she tells a slave to get on his knees and do what she wants, the slave better get on the ground fast. She could care less if the slave doesn't want to enjoy her dirty feet. The slave must clean and lick her feet no matter what.

Audrey is a hot mistress that loves her boots. She also thinks it is funny to show off her skills when it's time to demean a slave. A slave will find out that she is very hardcore and means business. Audrey also wears cute socks, but can't wait to show off her bare feet. She is so comfy with herself and her socks being so smelly.

Amelia is a mistress that has the worst feet ever. She is going to make her slave worship her feet, because she knows that they are so sexy. She has always been a girl that knows how to seduce a hot babe. Amelia is going to make her slave and anyone else around her worship the ground she walks on, because that is what this babe does.

She is so proud of her smelly feet. She knows they stick and are horrible, but she doesn't care. She thinks it's funny to see her slaves beg to touch her feet. She is a very dominating mistress that loves to have total control over everything, and her slaves totally obey her every move. She will even make them lick the bottom of her feet.

Noemi is a mistress with super nice feet. She is so hot and sexy, but she also knows this. She will show off her feet to a slave and make him feel like he is very important, but really she is just teasing him and making him feel dumber that he already is. She loves her toes and everything else about her perfect toes and feet.

The one thing Erina can do is make anything and everything look good. She is going to make her feet look so hot and good, but she will also rub on her own feet, because she thinks it is amusing to see her slave begging her so much just to get a look at her dirty feet after work. She is grinning with approval over the situation.

When a couple gets together for a foot fetish, it might just get a bit dirty. A mistress is going to get her foot fetish on with a boyfriend of hers. She thinks he is a fucking loser, so why not make him do things he would not normally do. She is laughing at her loser of a boyfriend. A foot fetish can be so powerful.

She is a hot babe with a great body, but she also has another delightful treat about her. She has the worst feet ever, but she doesn't care. She will make her slave clean up her feet, even if they are stinking so bad. She is a very demanding and bold mistress that always gets her way no matter what. She is very demanding.

Audrey is a mistress that loves to relax and have some fun after a long day at work. She also loves to show off her sexy socks, but there is a major twist to this lovely foot fetish video. Her feet are so smelly, but she doesn't care. Her slave already knows that he must assume a position to sniff and clean her perfect feet up.

If a slave is ever going to get addicted to something, it might be this perfect mistress and her perfect feet. She is so fucking hot, but she also knows the art of teasing. She will rub her feet together, because she wants to see how stupid the slaves will act around her as she is rubbing her feet together. She giggles as her list of slaves grows.

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