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Kneel before our feet you naughty foot slave. Worship our feet properly or suffer more humiliation. Lick our shoes completely clean then you may take them off so you can smell our bare feet. Even though our feet are dirty and sweaty, you must lick them and smell them because you are here to be our foot slave. Now smell our shoes with no regard for your own humiliation loser.

Defiant and dominating Mistress Jenny orders you to lie on the floor so she can stomp your face with her sexy high heel boots. She uses her pointed high heels to crush your face and stomp on it. She loves your pain and humiliation. Even if you start crying, she will continue to stomp you and punish you for no good reason because that is all a loser foot slave is good for.

Delphy just turned 18 and she took a summer job where all she has to do is show her feet. She puts her socks in your face so you can smell them then she pulls her socks off. You can almost smell the sweat on her feet as she spreads her toes apart for you to lick them. She stretches her legs and wiggles her toes right in your face.

Cute blonde Amy is a dream come true for foot worshippers because she has soft and beautiful feet and she loves to show them off and tease you with them. She looks so sensual in her short black skirt and long legs as she stretches her toes and puts her sexy feet in your face. She puts her bare feet in every position so you can see how hot they are at every angle.

Stunning raven haired, fair skinned goddess Miss Taylor loves showing off her sexy feet. She tenses up her long supple legs and wiggles her toes to tease you. She massages her beautiful soft feet and spreads her toes right in your face so you can imagine smelling them and licking the sweat between her toes. Imagine how soft her bare feet are to the touch. She knows it makes you horny.

Goddess Victoria is busy figuring out her bills and she chooses you to be the slave that lies at her feet and worship them. It relaxes her to tease you by sticking her shoes in your face then taking them off so you can smell her socks. She knows that it drives you crazy to see her bare feet so she puts them right in your face so you can smell them.

Mistress Jenny is so sexy and cute and she has beautiful feet with soft pink soles. You lie in her floor as she looks down at you and lowers her bare foot on to your face. She crushes your face with her pretty foot and works it around so you can really smell it. She wants you to lick the dirt and sweat off the bottom of her bare feet with your tongue.

My name is Katelyn and I love it when you worship my feet. Don't they look extra soft? Wouldn't you love to suck my pink toes? I love how it satisfies your foot fetish to see my feet up close and from different angles. I wiggle my toes and tease you because I love thinking about you looking at my feet and getting a boner. Are you touching yourself while you look at my bare feet?

Sharon is a mistress that looks forward to all of the silly things she can do with her feet. She will not only tease her slave with her sneakers, but she will also remove her sneakers to expose a really dirty sock. She thinks it is funny to watch the slaves have to deal with her feet and sniffing the horrible odors she has as well.

Felicia is a mistress that needs a great deal of attention. She is a mistress that has been spoiled, so when she tells a slave to get on his knees and do what she wants, the slave better get on the ground fast. She could care less if the slave doesn't want to enjoy her dirty feet. The slave must clean and lick her feet no matter what.

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