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Blonde Mistress loves getting attention because of her beautiful sexy feet. She is looking for a slave that can come over to lick her dirty stinky feet. She could just go have a shower and was her feet. But what fun would that be when you could humiliate a slave by having him lick your dirty soles. Especially her big toe loves getting sucked on. Luckily for us she uploads all her vids to the internet. So we can enjoy watching slaves getting humiliated

Sexy feet need loving too. She takes of her shoes and exposes her naked feet. All she needs now is a slave to lick them. Why is her slave not here yet? Once he arrives she will make sure to put him trough extra humiliation for not showing up on time. He will be sucking and licking on her feet and toes for hours and hours. Her sexy feet deserve this kind of treatment.

Sexy Princess loves it when you stare at her feet. She is wearing her favorite socks especially for you. When she takes them off she wants you to lick her feet. It feels so good when a slave licks on your feet. It is her favorite thing in the world even better than sex. Even when her feet aren't washed yet her slaves have to start licking them. She puts her stinky feet in her slaves mouth.

What more can you ask for as a foot fetish lover? Beautiful Italian babe wearing lovely new hig heel sandals. These are summer shoes and she wears them with pride. She really loves it when men look at her feet and lick her shoes. Are you interested in meeting her? She has no boyfriend but could really use one. All she demands is that you lick and kiss her feet once a week. That should not be too hard? Now should it?

As soon as Miss Deeane finds that her slave has a love of her feet, she teases him in a video. She strips down and paints her toes red. She records herself nude, but she only allows her feet to dominate the video. She shows her bare feet and spreads her toes. She is happy to move her foot around in the video because her slave can't get to her feet. She loves it, knowing he is frustrated.

When Amy wants her slave to cum, she talks dirty and uses her feet. As a treat to her slave, she will dress in lingerie and talk dirty. She tells her slave how sexy he is and how much she wants to look at his big dick. She loves to watch her slave masturbate. When he cums, she lets him cum all over her bare feet. She cums when his hot juices cover her feet.

When a woman is beautiful, she has to make sure she is completely beautiful. She loves to tease her fans with her beautiful toes. She knows they will do anything to get close to her. She makes sure she has soft skin and even the soles of her feet are kiss ready. She loves to make sure her toenails are painted and look good too. It turns her on to have her feet touched and looking pretty.

When Adriana gets angry, she uses her feet. She loves to use her feet. As soon as her slave stops listening, she puts him on the floor. Then she starts to put her foot in his face. She knows that he doesn't like it so she does it as she tells him how worthless he is as a man. She loves to see his face turn red and for him to beg for mercy.

There is nothing more that Molly enjoys than her slave's undivided attention. When she doesn't have his attention, she puts him on punishment until he can prove that she is the most important thing to him. She puts him at her feet and she keeps her boots on. She knows it turns him on. She slowly takes her boots off and won't let him touch her sock covered feet. When she takes her socks off, she can see that she has his attention and she teases him until she is no longer amused.

When Katelyn Brooks wants to feel sexy, she puts on her sexy dress. She gets her make up on. What makes her feel even sexier is getting her feet manicured. She loves to feel her smooth skin. She touches and rubs her feel until they are smooth and pink. As soon as she is ready to go, she puts her feet in her slave's face so he can kiss and lick her soles.

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