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This mistress has gorgeous feet and she is not afraid to show them off. She is a playful mistress and she loves to tease and to flirt. And the best way for her is to do it with her feet and her legs. She was in her bedroom today practicing a new style which she wanted to go and use at the club or at the park. She also bought a new pair of heels.

Mistress Lilly wanted to do something naughty. She wore her sexy bra and a pair of shorts then flaunted her bare feet. She made it look like she was showing off her sexy feet when in fact what she was doing was showing off her sexy legs and her nice tits. She then sent the video she had made to a few guys she wanted to tease and pretended to ask them about her nail polish knowing well they did not pay any attention to the polish.

Mistress Brooke was chilling in the house when she decided to try something she had never tried. She tried to check online for what to do and she settled on foot fetish. But she did not have a slave to do that to so she settled on imagining how it would be if she had one and she used her stinky and dirty socks to humiliate the slave. She could not wait to experience it so she went out in search of a loser to dominate.

Mistress Juanita is a stunningly sex girl who loves to mess around with people. A lot of guys want to nail her but when someone approaches her with the intention of nailing her, she loves to mess with them and then humiliate them for fun. Because it happens a lot, it has become a sort of game for her. And she played it today by making this guy lick her feet and her shoes thinking he was turning her on.

Mistress Dita had been working all night and she wanted to rest. But her slave made a lot of noise for her and she could not sleep well. She was angry and she woke up and she used her foot fetish to humiliate him. She wanted it to be a lesson to him that he was not to disturb her. She also wanted to have fun by humiliating him and she did.

This mistress had a disagreement with her boyfriend and she wanted it to end in a civil manner but he did not. He resorted to namecalling and she could not take it. She turned on him and she made him lick her shoes as well as her stockings. He was humiliated and he regretted the namecalling but she did not care. She punished him so that it did not happen again.

Mistress Vanny did not feel like wearing anything on her feet. When she went out of the house, she was barefoot and she came back to the house with dirty feet. And it is those same feet that she used to humiliate and dominate this loser. She

Lady Shay was offended by what this guy had said about her. She felt that he needed to do things differently. She chose to dominate and teach him a lesson. She used her bare feet to do it and she taught him a cruel lesson. She forced the guy to lick her smelly feet and he was lucky she did not make them dirty before asking him to lick them.

Mistress Nashita wanted to dominate this loser so she did what she considered the best option in the circumstances. She turned the loser into her foot slave and used her foot fetish to dominate him. He was forced to lick her smelly socks and her bare feet too. She sat back and enjoyed dominating him without caring about what happened. He had to learn his lesson and never messed with her again.

When this mistress realized that this guy was disobeying her and doing his own things, she knew she had to find a way to make him do what she wanted. She used her foot fetish. She did this by torturing the loser using her bare feet. The mistress had him lick her feet and also her shoes before warning him that it could be worse if he did not change.

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