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It was a long day for Lisa Jordan! She walked the whole day in her sandals so that her feet became dirty and sweaty. And now she wants to relax - but she wants her feet cleaned too! So YOU have to come and do the job! Lick all the sweat off her sexy toes and put your tongue between them too. How does it taste? Sweaty and salty? Do you like it...?

This is Marta. She is a sexy and young model! And she has some really nice and soft feet. She is waiting at a bus stop and needs to kill some time. So she plays a little bit with her sandals. She lets them dangle off her feet. And look at her sexy toes! They look delicious, don't they? Do you want to play with them like she plays her sandals?

This young hot blonde babe likes to show you her feet! But first she shows you her black boots. Do you like them? Then she takes off her shoes. Look at those sexy smelling socks! Do you want to be near and smell them? Take them off and lick her feet? How does it taste? Do you want more? Put your tongue between those nice toes and lick off all the sweat...? I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Daisy wants to do something new! So she decided to call a slave. What can she order him to do...? It was a hard day and she walked a lot so she wants him to clean her feet. But only with his tongue! While he has to lick her feet she starts to like it soon! She has a lot of fun. And it is very relaxing! Maybe it was her first time - but not the last time! That's for sure!

Estelle is a hot girlfriend of Lady Hanna! She was introduced to me because she has really hot feet! And as i saw them on my own i surely can admit this! Estelle lays down her feet on the desk and show you everything! First she took off her nice shoes and then she plays with her feet in front of the camera while smoking a cigarette. After some time she took of her socks and show you her naked feet - do you can smell her sweat? Do you want to suck them? I'm sure that it is what you like - so go on! But better do a good job to please her!

Miss Jessica is a hot cocktail waitress at a near Club. And she hears a lot of interesting stories from the customers. After some drinks they start to become a loose tongue and tell some really funny stories! One of them was from a guy who can not have sex and he pays other women to be humiliated. That was especially delicate because he is a famous businessman! Just follow her stories while you relaxes and drop off her shoes...!

Lady Isabella knows that she has some really beautiful and sexy feet! And further she knows that you really like to feel the taste of her feet! So come on and do as you were ordered to. Look at this glorious feet. Take a deep breath and smell the sweat on them. And then lick them clean just with your tongue! You will like it! It will rob you of your breath! And because you can't resist you will pay again and again...!

Lady Andrea walked in her tight shoes the whole day. Now she is tired and needs some rest - And now it is your turn! She orders you to take off her shoes and smell her dirty and sweaty feet! But that's not enough. She really likes your tongue on her soles. They smell really bad because of all the sweat but that's not her problem! So be a nice slave and do a good job - Now!

Liberty knows how much you like her smelly and sweaty feet! So she will take an advantage of it! It was a long working day for her. When she comes back home she orders you to bow down and take her shoes off immediately. Then she presses your feet into you face and makes you to smell all the sweat. But that is not enough! Soon she wants you to lick her toes - clean them with your tongue!

Lady Steffi needs some new foot slaves! She will tell you what to do and you have to follow her orders. If you don't follow her orders immediately, she will punish you! Because it is your first time she will give a chance - a little one! Do you try you can handle it? Smell her lovely feet and lick them as you were told! And do a good job...!

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