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Mistress Tamara wanted this guy to stop being a pain in the bum. He was all over the place and he never stopped disturbing. So the mistress asked him to shut up but he did not. So mistress Tamara used her high heels to scare him. When she told him what she was willing to do to him, he kept quiet faster than she had ever seen someone shut up.

Mistress Nyx does not like disobedient people and she never lets them get away with their mistakes. She loves to punish them so that they do not repeat their mistakes. So today she used her socks and bare feet to trample and humiliate this guy. He was shocked at how humiliating what she did to him was. He had thought it would be fun licking her sexy feet but it was not.

Mistress Kylie and mistress Chloe were bored in the house and without a slave to dominate, they chose to do it themselves. The mistresses tried foot fetish feet and they were surprised at how good it was. They played with their feet and they passed a lot of time as a result. And that is how they ended up having a foot fetish. They made it a permanent fixture in their house.

Mistress Helen wanted her feet pampered and she instructed this slave to do it. The slave was relaxing when she asked him to do it. He got up and went to her and he licked her feet according to her instructions. It was a lot of fun for the mistress and she had a footgasm in the process of what the slave did to her. She even discovered more erogenous zones on her feet.

Mistress Kim loves to put on a show. Her new boyfriend did not know how flexible she was and she went out of her way to show him how. The boyfriend was wowed by how she moved her body and the kind of poses she took. She could even touch her nipples with her toes and the boyfriend was so turned on that he did not let her continue. He jumped in and gave it to her like she deserved.

Wearing her sexy lingerie, this mistress used her foot fetish to tease this guy and to get him to do her the favors she wanted. She knew that if she asked for the favors outright, she was not likely to get them. And that is why she had to find a way to deal with the situation. The mistress knew that if he was turned on, he would not think much about what she asked and he would be eager to please so she used that to get what she wanted.

Mistress Luna used her sexy ass to lure this guy for some humiliation. He did not know that he was being lured for humiliation. He went thinking that it was all for fun. But instead of the fun he expected to have, he ended up being made to lick her feet and she bent over in such a way that her ass was visible and on his face so he had the motivation to continue licking her feet.

Lady Victoria was not in a good mood and she needed some entertainment. She felt that the best way for her to do so was to use her foot fetish to dominate the guy and so she went ahead and did it. She did not think twice about it and warned the guy not to disobey her. He got scared of her and did exactly what she wanted him to do.

Goddess Mia loves to try things for fun. She is one of those who do not do it as a form of punishment but rather as a way to have fun. So she lured this guy to her house and as she smoked, she got the guy to lick her dirty socks and her bare feet. It was all out of fun for her and she managed to have a lot of fun.

Mistress Claudia had an issue with this guy and she knew that she had to dominate him. She did it with her foot fetish and it worked out fine. The mistress had the guy lick her feet after she threatened to use the very same feet to trample him. He was scared shitless and he chose to do whatever the mistress wanted him to do and that is how he avoided being trampled.

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