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Lady Ria Rebell is the kind of person who likes to use her gorgeous looks to humiliate whenever she feels like. She wanted to have fun at the expense of this loser and she did that in the office. She called him to her office and she cruelly had him lick her bare feet as well as her stockings. He did as he had been ordered because he feared she would do worse if he did not.

Mistress Dolores has a thing for foot fetish. She enjoys a good rub and she never gets tired of it. She likes to make people do what she wants to her feet. Unlike other mistresses, she does not use smelly feet. She does it as a way to pamper her feet and not to punish anyone. She likes to sit back and close her eyes and enjoy the massage that follows.

Mistress Serena was all alone in the house. She was chatting with her friends on the phone but she was also googling what to do because she was bored. She liked foot fetish videos she saw online and she had fun trying them out. She imagined she had a slave and she made him lick and smell her feet. After some time, she felt like it was not any fun to do it hypothetically so she went out and got a loser to do it for real.

Mistress Jessika likes to unwind by having her feet pampered. She came from work today and she had this loser lick her feet. She wanted him to start with her socks and she even showed him how she wanted it done. She gave him instructions on how she wanted it done and she sat back and she enjoyed what he did. She had a great time at the expense of the loser.

Mistress Izzy is not one to mess with. She is the kind of mistress who gets mad easily and when she does, she is cruel. This loser was lucky today that she was not mad but rather she was feeling naughty and adventurous. So she made him lick the soles of her feet as well as of her shoes. She knew they were dirty so she made him lick them for fun.

Mistress Morgan was bored in the house. As she sat down and thought about what to do, she remembered she had always wanted to try foot fetish. So she took off her shoes and she pretended that she had a slave and she made him lick her feet. She liked the idea so much that she went out and looked for a loser who she made to those things to her.

Mistress Isabelle was shocked to learn that her feet were smelling. She was pissed about it and she blamed her slave because he was in charge of cleaning her socks and her shoes. She called him to her room and she made him smell the socks and lick her smelly and sweaty feet. She forced him to do it as punishment for letting her feet smell. She told him she would do worse if her feet smelled again.

Mistress Nelly does not like losers. If she considers someone a loser, then she will have nothing to do with him. This guy tried to seduce her but she had labelled him a loser. So she knew nothing would happen between them. But he insisted and she had to do something about it. She took him to her place and she had him lick the soles of her boots as well as her socks and bare feet.

Mistress Elea came home from work and she was tired. Her feet hurt because she had been standing for a long time. She needed to rest and part of her rest was to have a good foot massage. She called her slave and she had him a sensual rub her feet as well as she wanted before she felt better and let him go. She then took a shower and went to bed.

Mistress Justine likes to have her boots, socks and feet smelled. She also likes to have them licked. She has a foot fetish and it is her favorite way of having slaves and losers punished. Today she needed to punish her slave but the mistake he had committed was not so bad so she just had him smell her socks and her bare feet before she let him go and warned him not to do it again.

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