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Lady Kara has smelly feet. She does not want to correct the situation because she knows that she benefits from it by using the same smelly feet to humiliate her slave. She only does something when she is going to visit someone else. Otherwise she likes to have her feet stink and then have her slave lick them and smell them. It is disgusting and degrading and she loves it.

Mistress Felicia was tired when she got home. She had walked in her high heels all day and her feet hurt. She had to do something about her feet otherwise she was not going to have a peaceful night. She called her slave and she had him rub her feet and also lick and pamper them. She had never had that done before and she wondered why she had never thought of it as it was out of this world.

Madame Svea was relaxing in her house when she decided to try foot fetish. She had not seen it anywhere. She just felt like it would be fun if she had someone lick her feet and suck her toes. She acted on that idea and she went and flirted with someone and took him to her house and had him lick her feet and suck her toes. It was wonderful and turned her on big time.

This mistress has a foot fetish and she enjoys having fun with her feet. She has sexy feet and she loves to have them pampered. Today she wanted to try something different so she teased this guy and she had him lick and smell her stinky feet. She had not done that before and she did not know whether the guy would do it. But he did and she was surprised.

This mistress loves to walk bare foot. She also enjoys wearing shoes that make her feet sweat. That is because she has a fetish for getting losers to lick her feet. She does not want them to lick her feet while they are clean. She wants them licked when they are dirty. And that is what she did to this loser. She made sure he licked her sweaty and dirty feet.

Mistress Eleas has gorgeous feet. She loves to pamper then and today she wanted to have her feet massaged. But before her slave could do it, she realized that she had never had her feet licked.So she made her slave lick her feet and smell her socks before he massaged her feet the way she wanted. It was a great experience for her but a humiliating one for her slave.

Lady Karame did not want her shoes to get muddy so she and her slave decided to wade in mud till they got back home. The slave was lucky that the mistress did not want anything from him. She did not make him do crazy things like trampling on him and doing all kinds of nasty things. He had to count a blessing because of that and he did because he knew what would have happened.

Mistress Felicia wanted to flirt and try foot fetish. She had never done it before so she made sure that she read about it widely so that she would be better prepared to deal with a slave when she got one. When she was done with the book, she forced him to do what she had read about and it was a challenge for anyone. Luckily, the guy passed his exams.

This mistress had sent her slave to the shop but he did not back as early as he had mentioned. She saw on a chair and she made him do all the nasty things that she had in her mind. She made sure that her slave would not disrupt what she wanted to do and that he was well threatened so that whenever he did anything wrong, he knew what the consequences were.

Mistress Paola could not believe that fact that her slave had betrayed her. She could not go on. She made the loser lick her old sneakers. The mistress was pissed and she had to make sure that her slave was punished and rightfully so. she used her bare feet to do it. The mistress enjoyed seeing him humiliated but she knew that it helped them not do mess up again.

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