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Nicole discovered foot fetishism by accident and she has never looked back. She always trampled and gets her feet licked and toes sucked by losers and slaves

This mistress was exercising her feet for what they were about to do next - trample and humiliate a slave like never before

Lady Velvet tortured and humiliated this guy who wanted a job. That way, he could do whatever she wanted when she hired him

Victoria and Isabelle had worn their shoes for long and the heat made them sweaty and stinky. They had done that intentionally so that they could humiliate their slave

Camille and Maika are cruel girls who like to have fun at other people's expense. They took this loser guy from school and made him lick their dirty soles

Selena was trying a foot fetish for the first time. She gathered all information she wanted and then prepared for her slave. Oh the poor slave. He did not know what awaited him

This mistress lied to this guy that she was get naughty with him, but she ended up making him lick her feet and when he demanded more, she pretended her boyfriend was coming

Miss Taylor wanted to try a foot fetish. She got a slave to try it with and she loved it so much she did it again and again and again till she became a foot fetish queen

Mandy wants to show you what she will do to you if you do not become a good boy and do as she says. Her feet will inflict pain and terror to your face if you do not follow her instructions

Stella loves her feet. And she likes them to be pampered by her slaves. They are massages, washed with warm water and even licked by the slaves

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